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Claiming baggage loss
This is Ravi and had taken TATA AIG policy from you to go to Singapore. During my return journey back to India, I didn't receive one baggage. It was delay for about 21 hours. I want claim my insurance.
by Ravi
Thank you for choosing NRIOL for your TATA AIG travel insurance requirements. We are sorry to inform you that you cannot claim for baggage delay benefit during the return journey back to India, this benefit is for the onward journey from India going overseas.

Payment after submitting the claim
As mentioned in the conversation, my hospital has submitted the claim to the insurance company please let me know when it will be paid. I have TATA AIG travel insurance policy.
by Sivan
It was nice talking to you a short while ago and thank you for the email. Get in touch with the toll free numbers provided in the policy document and register the claim immediately. If the claim is a cashless claim then the insurance company will directly speak to the hospital and do a direct cashless settlement after the deductible. In case if it is an outpatient claim. Then you have to bear the medical expenses and later on claim for reimbursement.
You can get more details of claim procedure TATA AIG Claims Procedure

Claims Procedure for TATA AIG Travel Insurance to UK
My wife who is 52 years visiting UK for 5 months. I want to buy her the best plan from TATA AIG and want to know the claims procedure.
by Pallanti
Thank you for contacting NRIOL for your TATA AIG travel insurance requirements. For your wife there are 4 plans available $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 and $500,000 coverage. The premium for 5 months to UK is as below:
  • $50,000 will cost you Rs.5,827/-
  • $100,000 will cost you Rs.6,961/-
  • $250,000 will cost you Rs.9,628/-
  • $500,000 will cost you Rs.9,972/-
Hospitalization medical expenses more than 24 hours is cashless after the deductible of $100 and out patient medical expenses the insured has to bear the entire medical expenses from his/her pocket and then claim for reimbursement. He/she will be reimbursed after the deductible of $100 per claim.
You can get free quotes and buy the online at:
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Methods for claiming medical expenses
How to claim medical expense for insured person. is it cashless, or to be reimbursed?
by Sukumar
Thank you for the email. As discussed in our conversation in TATA AIG hospitaization medical expenses for more than 24 hours is cashless after paying the deductible. You have to contact the assistance company (TPA) providing details of the insured, who will then speak with the hospital where the insured is admitted and make arrangements for cashless settlement of bills with the hospital. For outpatient medical expenses you have to pay the amount upfront and get it reimbursed on your return to India.

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