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TATA AIG student travel insurance

International tourist travel insurance for Indians by TATA AIG

Please answer these questions to get best TATA AIG travel insurance quotes
What is the plan type?

Please read through TATA AIG travel insurance brochure for the benefits covered by the plan and its policy wordings which explains the terms and conditions. You can also complete an online TATA AIG Travelguard proposal form. You can get the complete quotes using the TATA AIG premium chart. You can renew/extend the plan using TATA AIG travel insurance extension on expiry.


Indian tourist travel overseas for different purposes, this may be for a vacation, or it may be parents and senior citizens visiting children, or they may travel on work. Indian international tourists may travel individually or as part of a group. Travelling overseas involves health risks as Indian tourists are exposed to new and unfamiliar environments. There are chances of having an expected medical emergency in the event of accident or sickness. Hospitalization expenses in a foreign country while quite sophisticated can be very expensive and without international health insurance, paying the medical bills can be extremely expensive. Tata AIG offers overseas travel insurance for tourists from India.

TATA AIG International Travel Insurance Review

Sum Insured

USD 50,000/ 100,000/250,000/500,000

Tenure Options

180 days( can be extended for further)

Age of Entry

180 days to 99 years

TATA AIG student travel insurance

No medical check up

Instant policy

TATA AIG travel insurance renewal while outside India

Indian overseas travelers who are stranded outside India due to coronavirus and are unable to travel back want to extend or renew TATA AIG travel insurance online. These travelers can complete the TATA AIG international travel insurance renewal request form online and we will try to get an approval for you.


Tata AIG travel medical insurance for Indian tourists

senior travel insurance
Parents and senior citizen travel insurance
Parents and senior citizens Indian tourists visiting their children, family members or on vacations can also buy international travel medical coverage from Tata AIG.
Parents travel insurance
Senior citizen travel insurance
Pre-existing condition coverage
Pre-existing condition coverage
Indian tourists with pre-existing conditions are covered under Tata AIG travel insurance under life threatening situations. In this situation expenses up to $1,500 would be reimbursed per policy. The expenses will be paid till the insured comes to a stable condition or is relieved from critical pain. Further expenses from treating the insured should be paid by the insured.
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Schengen visa insurance
Schengen visa insurance
Indians visiting any of the 26 Schengen countries in Europe need a Schengen visa. The Schengen state consulate have made it compulsory for Indians applying for the Schengen to demonstrate adequate travel medical insurance that would cover all hospitalization expenses, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation expenses while in the Schengen region.... The insurance plan must also be valid for the entire duration of stay in any of the Schengen country. While applying for the visa, the Indian tourist must carry this Schengen visa coverage letter offered by Tata AIG as it satisfies all the visa insurance requirements. Read more
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Annual multitrip travel insurance
Annual multitrip travel insurance
Indian Businessmen or corporate professionals who travel overseas frequently can buy the Tata AIG annual multi-trip medical insurance. This is an annual plan that offers worldwide coverage to Indians taking trip duration of 30 days or 45 days multiple times in a year.
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Best feature

Best features

Some benefits of buying Tata AIG overseas travel insurance for Indian tourists along with best features covered by the insurance. Covers tourists up to 99 years. Tourists can avail cashless hospitalization, coverage for Outpatient (OPD) and pharmacy expenses. The plan also offers coverage for dental treatment, expenses arising from baggage loss, trip delay and loss of passport.

Travel without sub-limits

Senior Travel Insurance

Travelers who are above 70+ can get quotes and compare senior citizens overseas travel insurance plans. Most of the time the children living outside India are generally buying travel insurance for parents who wish to visit them.

TATA AIG Indian Tourist travel insurance FAQ's

How is Tata AIG travel insurance? Is Tata AIG travel insurance good?

TATA AIG travel insurance is the best Indian travel insurance for overseas travel since TATA AIG has the largest market share amongst all Indian insurance companies for international travel insurance from India. TATA AIG travel insurance the popular well known general insurance company which offers health insurance cover for you and your dear ones in overseas for different reasons.

TATA AIG travel insurance takes care of your health issues when the travelers are in overseas. If offers cashless hospitalization claims benefit while visit to a doctor and pharmacy bills are reimbursed. TATA AIG has also good claims settlement ratio. It is a well-known brand in the insurance industry worldwide.

Once you fill the online application and complete the purchase successfully. The e-copy of the policy will be sent to your email-id provided in the online application form where you can download TATA AIG travel insurance.

You can renew the TATA AIG policy online. Fill the relevant details of the current existing policy and claims information (if any)and submit the form online. Our insurance advisors will then try to get approval based on the filled details. The policy holder will be updated on the approval or rejection of the renewal request as early as possible (maximum 1 working day). if approved the policy holder will be sent a buy url where he / she can pay online and renew his policy.

Yes you can extend your travel insurance while being abroad. Fill the TATA AIG insurance policy renewal form so that our insurance advisors will help you to renew your policy.

Below 70 year old Travel policies can initially be purchased for 6 months and can be renewed for another 6 months provided that the policy holder is in good health, no claims on the existing policy and the policy has not expired. If the policy has expired or has any claims then renewal is based on approval from the insurance head office.

However for 70+ travel policies the sum total number of policy days included subsequent renewals cannot exceed 180 days.

Types of Indian traveller's

Individual travel insurance
Individual Travel Insurance

Individual travel insurance plans are designed for individual travelers both traveling overseas from India or for domestic travel within India.

Senior Citizen travel insurance
Senior Travel Insurance

Travelers who are above 70+ can get quotes and compare senior citizens overseas travel insurance plans. Most of the time the children living outside India are generally buying travel insurance for parents who wish to visit them.

Family travel insurance
Family Travel Insurance

A Family refers to an Individual, individuals spouse, children and parents. Family travel insurance offers medical coverage for all members of the family.

Corporate travel insurance
Corporate Travel Insurance

Corporate travellers going abroad can buy Indian travel insurance plans offered by TATA AIG.

TATA AIG travel insurance India, TATA AIG international travel insurance

buy TATA AIG travel insurance
How to buy TATA AIG overseas travel insurance?

You can buy Travel Guard policy online by using a credit/debit card, direct funds transfer using NEFT or RTGS or by using a cheque

TATA AIG traveler outside India
Traveler outside India

Travelers who have already traveled from India and do not have insurance can buy TATA AIG travel insurance online.

TATA AIG travel insurance premium chart
TATA AIG Travel Guard premium chart

Calculate the international travel insurance premium for Indian travelers and senior citizens travelling overseas

TATA AIG travel insurance claims
TATA AIG insurance claims

In case of Claim or reimbursement of treatment expenses, notify TATA AIG overseas travel insurance.

TATA AIG student travel insurance Brochure
TATA AIG travel insurance brochure

Download TATA AIG Travel Guard brochure online!

TATA AIG travel plan renewal
TATA AIG travel insurance renewal

Travel insurance customers can renew their existing policy online before the exipry date at any time.

Travel insurance from TATA AIG

What does TATA AIG travel insurance cover?

Medical expenses coverage

The plan covers for medical expenses due to accident and sickness while traveling outside India.

Checked baggage loss

Reimbursement for loss of checked in baggage.

Loss of Passport

Coverage for expenses incurred in obtaining a duplicate or new passport.

Sickness Dental Relief

The policy pays for immediate dental treatment occurring due to sudden acute pain during an overseas insured journey.

Personal liability

Compensation for damages to be paid to a third party, resulting from death, bodily injury or damage to property; caused involuntarily by the insured.


In the unfortunate event of the common carrier being hijacked, plan will pay a distress allowance.

Trip Delay

Reimbursement of additional expenses due to trip delay (only if the trip is delayed for more than 12 hours).

Personal Accident

Travel Guard gives worldwide coverage against Accidental Death and Dismemberment while abroad.

Baggage delay

Reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred for purchase of emergency personal goods due to delay in arrival of checked in baggage while overseas.

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Travel insurance FAQ's

Answers to FAQ related to TATA AIG Travel Medical Insurance for visitors from India.


Travel insurance reviews

TATA AIG Travel Insurance Reviews - Customer experiences and testimonials.

travel destinations

Popular travel destinations

TATA AIG travel insurance for popular travel destinations.

TATA AIG Travel insurance customer care

Travel insurance customer care

TATA AIG Travel insurance customer care information for Indians travelling overseas.

Travel health insurance from TATA AIG

You can find different sections of insurance types here.

  • Get best quotes for TATA AIG travel insurance for above 80 years old
  • Pre-existing coverage travel insurance
  • Parents travel insurance
  • Individual travel insurance
Senior citizen travel insurance India

Seniors above 80 years

TATA AIG Overseas medical insurance for senior citizens above 80 years.

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Pre-existing coverage insurance

Pre-existing coverage

TATA AIG travel insurance for pre-existing conditions.

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Parents Travel insurance

Parents travel insurance

International travel insurance for Indian parents overseas.

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overseas travel insurance

Individual travel insurance

TATA AIG individual overseas travel insurance online

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Resourceful TATA travel insurance links

Overseas Travel Medical Insurance

TATA AIG travel insurance for Indians traveling overseas.

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Annual Multitrip
Annual Multitrip Insurance

Business travelers making multiple trips overseas annually can buy the annual multi trip travel insurance.

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Travel Asia Insurance

TATA AIG Asia Travel Guard insurance for Indians going to other Asian countries.

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Senior citizen travel insurance
Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior travelers up to the age of 90 years can opt for TATA AIG travel insurance coverage.

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europe travel insurance
Schengen Visa Insurance

Applying for Schengen visa? Then this TATA AIG Schengen insurance is a good option to go for!

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Domestic travel insurance
Domestic Travel Insurance

Compare and buy TATA AIG domestic travel insurance.

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