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International tourist travel insurance for Indians by TATA AIG

Indian tourist travel overseas for different purposes, this may be for a vacation, or it may be parents and senior citizens visiting children, or they may travel on work. Indian international tourists may travel individually or as part of a group. Travelling overseas involves health risks as Indian tourists are exposed to new and unfamiliar environments. There are chances of having an expected medical emergency in the event of accident or sickness. Hospitalization expenses in a foreign country while quite sophisticated can be very expensive and without international health insurance, paying the medical bills can be extremely expensive. Tata AIG offers overseas travel insurance for tourists from India.
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Best feature

Best features

Some benefits of buying Tata AIG overseas travel insurance for Indian tourists along with best features covered by the insurance. Covers tourists up to 99 years. Tourists can avail cashless hospitalization, coverage for Outpatient (OPD) and pharmacy expenses. The plan also offers coverage for dental treatment, expenses arising from baggage loss, trip delay and loss of passport .

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Travel without sub-limits

Travel without sub-limits

Tata AIG has designed overseas travel insurance without sublimits for Indian senior tourists. The tourists have a choice to select insurance plans with or without sub-limits. However the plans without Sub-limits are expensive as they offer comprehensive coverage. The plans with sub-limits have a fixed limit on medical expenses and hence are cheaper than the plans without Sub-limits.

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Tata AIG travel medical insurance for Indian tourists

Parents and senior citizen travel insurance
Parents and senior citizens Indian tourists visiting their children, family members or on vacations can also buy international travel medical coverage from Tata AIG.
Parents travel insurance
Senior citizen travel insurance
Pre-existing condition coverage
Indian tourists with pre-existing conditions are covered under Tata AIG travel insurance under life threatening situations. In this situation expenses up to $1,500 would be reimbursed per policy. The expenses will be paid till the insured comes to a stable condition or is relieved from critical pain. Further expenses from treating the insured should be paid by the insured.
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Schengen visa insurance
Indians visiting any of the 26 Schengen countries in Europe need a Schengen visa. The Schengen state consulate have made it compulsory for Indians applying for the Schengen to demonstrate adequate travel medical insurance that would cover all hospitalization expenses, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation expenses while in the Schengen region. The insurance plan must also be valid for the entire duration of stay in any of the Schengen country. While applying for the visa, the Indian tourist must carry this Schengen visa coverage letter offered by Tata AIG as it satisfies all the visa insurance requirements.
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Annual multitrip travel insurance
Indian Businessmen or corporate professionals who travel overseas frequently can buy the Tata AIG annual multi-trip medical insurance. This is an annual plan that offers worldwide coverage to Indians taking trip duration of 30 days or 45 days multiple times in a year.
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Types of Indian traveller's

Individual travel insurance Individual Travel Insurance
Individual travel insurance plans are designed for individual travelers both traveling overseas from India or for domestic travel within India.
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Senior Citizen travel insurance Senior Travel Insurance
Travelers who are above 70+ can get quotes and compare senior citizens overseas travel insurance plans. Most of the time the children living outside India are generally buying travel insurance for parents who wish to visit them.
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Family travel insurance Family Travel Insurance
A Family refers to an Individual, individuals spouse, children and parents. Family travel insurance offers medical coverage for all members of the family.
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Corporate travel insurance Corporate Travel Insurance
Corporate travellers going abroad can buy Indian travel insurance plans offered by TATA AIG.
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Popular Destinations among Indian tourists

Many Indians these days are travelling excessively to different countries namely Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Sri Lanka, Dubai… Tata AIG travel insurance offers coverage to Indian tourists visiting these countries.

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