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Indian Student Health Insurance FAQ

I am going to study in Singapore. My university name is not there in your list of colleges. Does it mean that it wont accept your insurance?

This list of colleges which you find here is not a complete list of colleges that accept our insurance. If you do not find your name in the list does not mean that it will not accept student health insurance from India. The student can buy the policy from India and can submit the same to the university. In the event that the college insists on its own insurance then the student usually should apply for a waiver from the university insurance based on the Indian insurance that you have bought.

The college where the student is registered either for his/her undergraduate or graduate course overseas have specific student health insurance requirements. The common requirement the student health plan should have is coverage up to a certain coverage amount for medical expenses, a deductible within a certain amount, medical evacuation, repatriation of remains coverage....While some colleges do not have specific requirements, they do insist on student health insurance while some other colleges have very specific health insurance requirements.

These requirements are usually available on the university website. Students who buy Indian insurance policies can get the University insurance requirements waived on showing the Indian insurance coverage, however this waiver policy varies from university to university.

Student health insurance plans are designed keeping in mind the overseas university requirements. The student can buy the health insurance from Indian insurance companies which are much cheaper than the university insurance. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with their university to see that they get a waiver from the university insurance.

Student health insurance plans are designed keeping in mind the overseas university requirements. The student can buy the health insurance from Indian insurance companies which are much cheaper than the university insurance. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with their university to see that they get a waiver from the university insurance.

It is up to student to find out if the university accepts health insurance bought outside the university. We can help the student who has purchased through us in getting the university waiver form filled and signed from the respective health insurance company.

There are many overseas universities which accept Indian student health insurance. We do not have a comprehensive list of universities, and this list varies every year.

Some of the universities make it mandatory for students to buy the health insurance sponsored from their college and do not accept the student health insurance purchased from outside the campus. In such a scenario the student has no option of choosing the insurance from outside the campus.

However the student can buy Indian student health insurance to get additional benefits like passport loss, Baggage loss, baggage delay, sponsor protection, study interruption, compassionate visit … which the university insurance does not cover. The Indian student insurance is a small fraction in terms of cost when compared to international student insurance plans.

Any Indian national who is a registered student in a foreign university can buy student medical insurance from India. Some insurance companies have an age limit of 35 years for buying student plans.

As a student, you should be able to focus on your education and not be burdened by any external factors. When you are in a foreign country, the last thing you want to face is a huge medical expense. Student health insurance shields you for big medical bills, and in the context of an international education, Indian student insurance plans are very affordable, given that the coverage is in US Dollars. Student medical insurance gives protection for any unforeseen emergency medical expenses while staying overseas. Student insurance is also required as it is mandatory in some countries and universities.

There are many benefits of buying Indian student health insurance plans. There are some coverages such as sponsorship protection, medical emergency evacuation, etc.. which are not available in university insurance plans. It is also true that Indian student medical insurance plans are cheaper than university insurance plans. You are paying the insurance premium in Indian Rupees, while the insurance coverage is in US Dollars.

Indian student medical insurance plans are designed to satisfy foreign university requirements. The universities usually require a waiver form to be submitted in lieu of the university plan. We will refund the insurance premium if the university reject the insurance plan that we offer. We do however need a document from the university indicating that they will not accept the Indian insurance plan.

Many Indian students buy student travel insurance from us every year. We cannot however guarantee that your specific university accepts our plan.

If the university does not make it mandatory to buy its university insurance, then the student can buy student medical insurance from Indian insurance companies and this works as a substitute for the university insurance.

You can get a waiver by completing the waiver form, which might require submitting the Indian insurance policy details.

Once you buy the policy online, the policy pdf document will be emailed to you. This is a valid legal document. You can take a print out of the policy copy which will work as an ID.

The answer is Yes, but you have to follow these steps. First you will have to fill a simple form "Student outside India" online form. We will try to get an approval from the insurance company as early as possible. Once approved you can insure yourself from the current date for the number of days you require insurance. Sometimes we might require your current insurance copy (if you already insured) to get approval.

The student insurance plans cover him for the students health while studying overseas. He or she will be covered for emergency sickness or accident medical expenses up to policy maximum.

The policy will be issued after you make the credit card purchase (Indian/international credit cards are accepted) and all relevant documents will be emailed as a PDF document. The emailed PDF document is a valid legal document and a print out of the same is proof of insurance coverage.

Yes, you provide us the university rejection letter and we will cancel the policy. If the policy has not started, we will provide a full refund, otherwise we will provide a pro-rata refund.

You can renew the policy online through our website. Some insurance companies allow you to buy initially for a maximum of one year and later renew the insurance for another year. However some other companies allow the student to buy for two years initially.

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