TATA AIG Individual Personal Accident (IPA) Insurance Products

Accidents are a fact of life.

Whether you are an individual or a corporate, you are essentially looking for the same thing: to take care of the people you value - either your family or your employees.

Tata AIG has well-researched products for your accident insurance needs. And our products are just the cover you are looking for.

TATA AIG Individual Personal Accident Insurance Products covers

Products covered under Individual Personal Accident Insurance

Occupational Classes-Definition :
1. Class I & II- White coller non-hazardous occupations with office, showroom only i.e. lawyers; doctors; dentists; office executives; clerks; salesmen; superintending engineers, etc. Semi-hazardous occupations with duties in a supervisory capacity (not a macchine operator of any type, nor doing manual work, labour, etc.)
2. Class III & IV- Skilled or semi-skilled workers using light/heavy machinery i.e. filling station attendants, taxi drivers, heavy motor vehicle drivers, industrial workers or unskilled labours, construction workers, electricians, farmers, labourers etc.
The main exclusion includes suicide, military service or operations, war, illigal act, bactirial infections, diseases, AIDS, dangerous sports etc.