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Coverage for study interruption
I am travelling to Germany on a student visa. Could you tell me what is study interruption.
by Deepak
In the event of Hospitalization of the insured person of more than one consecutive month from either a covered Injury or Sickness or in the case of Terminal Sickness or in the case of a medical repatriation or in case of the death of an immediate family member, which prohibits the Insured Person from continuing his/her studies for the remaining part of a school semester for which Tuition has been paid, the Company shall reimburse the Insured Person the Tuition fees which has already been advanced to the educational institution, up to the amount stated in the Policy Schedule.
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TATA AIG Student Insurance Waiver Form for Michigan State University
I recently purchased the TATA AIG Student insurance plan. I am going to Michigan State University. I need help with the insurance waiver form.
by Varshini
Please send us the waiver form with your relevant information completed, and we will get the section to be completed by the insurance company completed here.

Queries related to insurance terms in the application
  1. What is the ID number of the student?
  2. Who is the Carrier?
  3. Phone number of the Carrier?
  4. What is the insurance number/policy number?
by Varshini
Here is some information regarding TATA AIG insurance company in response to your query for the waiver form -
  1. Policy schedule number is the ID number.
  2. TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited
  3. 1-866-866-2619 (as the policy is including Americas)
  4. Policy Schedule number is your insurance number / policy number.

Medical Insurance for students on f1 visa in USA
I want to renew my TATA AIG student insurance for one more year. Can you answer my questions before I proceed further.
I am proceeding to USA for higher studies with F1 Visa. Date of Journey will be 12th/13th of Aug 2014. I would like to have Travel insurance on two basis:
  1. For two to three days ie: prior and after the journey to cover my journey.
  2. For two years of coverage at USA.
by Ramprasadh
With reference to your queries student guard insurance from TATA AIG offer insurance for 1st year and can be renewed for 2nd year. We can help you complete the university insurance waiver form if required. Please send us the waiver form with your relevant information completed, and we will get the section to be completed by the insurance company.

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