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TATA AIG Group Accident & Sickness Hospital Cash Policy

  • Entry age is 6 months up to 65 years.
  • No medical check up required.
  • Coverage available from Rs. 500 a day to Rs. 25,000 per day.
  • We offer life-long renewal subject to application for renewal.
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Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited Group Accident and Sickness Hospital Cash is a perfect supplement to the group health insurance policy and can be taken along with any other health insurance schemes.
  • Entry age is 6 months up to 65 years for the proposer.
  • The policy will be issued for a period 1 year.
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Exclusions
  • A Daily benefit for Accident & Sickness hospitalization.
  • No Pre-policy check up required.
  • Hospitalisation Cash upto 180 days in case of Accidents or Sickness
  • Tax Benefits-Get tax benefits for premium paid on policies as per section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws.
  • Flexibility in choosing options-5 different levels.
  • We offer life-long renewal subject to application for renewal
  • 15 days Free Look period (For the new business only)
  • 30 days Grace Period (For renewals only).
  • Sum Insured Enhancement – Sum Insured can be enhanced only at the time of renewal .
  • Changes will be notified to the policyholders 3 months in advance in case of revision /modification in approved product.
  • In-hospital Indemnity For Accidents – Pays for Daily Benefit for each Day for Inpatient Hospitalisation due to Illness ,Disease or Sickness.
  • In-hospital Indemnity For Sickness - Pays for Daily Benefit for each Day for Inpatient Hospitalisation due to Injury or Accident.
  • Accident Medical Expense Reimbursement – We will pay the Reasonable and Customary Charges, subject to the Deductible shown in the Policy Schedule, for
  • Covered Medical Expenses that occurs within the Republic of India for medical services which are not due to a Pre-existing Condition up to the maximum amount and benefit period stated in the Policy Schedule for the treatment of an Injury sustained by you.
  • 1 day deductible and 90 days waiting period for under Hospital Indemnity for Sickness
  • Deductible of 5% of benefit amount under Accident Medical expense reimbursement
  • Coverage will be 100% of the Coverage amount in case of Insured and Spouse, 50% in case of each child
  • Pre-existing Condition, any complication arising from it
  • Intentionally self-inflicted Injury or illness;
  • Conditions related to or arising out of HIV;
  • AIDS; War; Congenital anomalies;
  • participation in an actual or attempted felony, riot, crime, misdemeanor, (excluding traffic violations) or civil commotion
  • operating or learning to operate any aircraft, or performing duties as a member of the crew on any aircraft; or Scheduled Aircraft.
  • any loss, damage cost or expense of whatsoever nature directly or indirectly caused by, resulting from or in connection with any Act of Terrorism regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any other sequence to the loss
  • the intentional use of military force to intercept, prevent, or mitigate any known or suspected Terrorist Act
  • ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from burning nuclear fuel
  • the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other dangerous properties of any explosive nuclear equipment or any part of that equipment
  • congenital anomalies or any complications or conditions arising therefrom
  • participation in winter sports, skydiving/parachuting, hang gliding, bungee jumping, scuba diving, mountain climbing (where ropes or guides are customarily used), riding or driving in races or rallies using a motorized vehicle or bicycle, caving or pot-holing, hunting or equestrian activities, skin diving or other underwater activity, rafting or canoeing involving white water rapids, yachting or boating outside coastal waters (2 miles), participation in any Professional Sport, any bodily contact sport or any other hazardous or potentially dangerous sport for which you are trained or untrained
  • any loss resulting directly or indirectly, contributed or aggravated or prolonged by childbirth or from pregnancy.
  • for any loss of which a contributing cause was Your actual or attempted commission of, or willful participation in, an illegal act or any violation or attempted violation of the law or Your resistance to arrest
  • if You are admitted to a Hospital within 90 days immediately following the Effective Date of Coverage stated in the Schedule, unless hospitalization is caused by Injury
  • If You are admitted to a Hospital during the first 3 months immediately following the Policy Effective Date as a result of cataract(s), benign prostatic hypertrophy, hysterectomy for menorrhagia or fibromyoma, hernia, hydrocele, fistula in anus, piles, sinusits and related disorders

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