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Tata AIG parent travel Insurance

International travel insurance for Indian parents

Indian citizens and expatriates living overseas often have parents visiting them. While parents international travel consists of threats to health and life, to be on the safer side it is a good idea to have health insurance for overseas parents to receive quality medical treatment. Overseas health care is excellent but very expensive. The Indian domestic health insurance will not cover your parents outside India and parents are responsible for their expenses in case of medical emergency.

Also while applying for visa in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Europe (Schengen countries), Singapore… parents will have to show documents to prove that they can take care of all expenses while living in the visa applying country. Some parents may also have pre-existing illness which can distress them while abroad. Buying a good international travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions can be liable for all medical expenses arising from receiving treatment in a healthcare center.

TATA AIG offers covers international pre-existing conditions insurance for parents under life threatening conditions only. The insured can reimburse up to $1,500 for which they have spent while receiving treatment of pre-existing illness under life threatening when they were in a foreign country.

TATA AIG overseas insurance highlights

Sum Insured

USD 50 k / 1 Lac / 2.5 Lac / 5 Lac

Coverage period

180 days


180 days to 99 years

TATA AIG travel insurance renewal while outside India

Indian travelers who want to extend or renew TATA AIG travel insurance can complete the TATA AIG international travel insurance renewal request form online and we will try to get an approval for you.

The following documents are required for extending/renewing the policy:

  1. Filled & signed Good health declaration
  2. Passport (first and last page & stamp page of the departure)
  3. Air ticket copy of onward journey (traveled from India to overseas)

Travel tips for Indian parents

Being old, it is advisable for parents to do some planning before leaving India. This includes counseling about the health care treatment and prevention of health threats while overseas.

Visit the doctor to get opinion on the travel precautions and health care. If you have pre-existing conditions carry necessary medications.

While travelling it is necessary to drink lots of water it will keep them hydrated. It is advisable to carry less baggage so it will be easy to move around. Carrying unwanted luggage can be burdensome.

Try to take care of your health overseas, stay warm, and avoid eating food that doesn’t suit you. Do not do anything that can result in sickness or accident.

Take copies of travel documents, passports, tickets, extra pair of glasses, medical prescriptions and doctor’s advice.

TATA AIG parents travel insurance FAQ's

What are the key features of TATA AIG travel guard insurance?

Some of the key features of TATA AIG travel guard insurance are as below.

  • Unique plan which provides overseas travel medical insurance of all ages.
  • Travelers 56 years and above have an option of choosing coverage without medical sub limits by paying additional premium.
  • After deductible cashless hospitalization medical expenses and OPD/ doctor visits including pharmacy bills are reimbursement basis.
  • Cover for Baggage Loss, Baggage delay, Trip Cancellation and Trip Curtailment, Missed Connection/Departure, Bounced Hotel/Airline booking
  • Covers for Pre-existing medical conditions up to $1500 in case of life threatening situation for all ages.
  • TATA AIG works with popular networks in USA like HYGEIA, First Health Network and PHCS. The policy holders will get quick service.

TATA AIG travel insurance is a cashless travel health insurance. A stay in the hospital should be more than 24 hours for an eligible claim to be cashless. The insured has to bear the agreed deductible and the rest becomes cashless.

TATA AIG overseas travel medical insurance has coverage restrictions starting from the age of 56 years and above. Below is the table of medical restrictions regardless of the plan / option purchased at the inception of the policy and its subsequent renewals, if applicable

There is no age limit. TATA AIG travel guard covers pre-existing medical conditions under life threatening up to $1,500 for all ages.

TATA AIG travel health insurance offers up to $1,500 coverage for pre-existing diseases under life threatening situations only.

One of the best Indian travel insurance for USA is the TATA AIG travel insurance. It covers travelers of all age group starting from 6 months. It offers a wide range of plans starting from $50,000 to $500,000 maximum coverage. An older traveler who are 56 years and above has an option of buying the plan without any medical sublimit.

TATA AIG travel insurance for USA works with popular networks like Hygeia, First Health and PHCS and hence the travelers traveling to US from India will get the assistance service of a local provider in the US. Faster and good claim settlement ratio. Covers for pre-existing ailments for a limited for $1,500 under life threatening situations. Popular brand among overseas travelers.

Parents travel insurance coverage benefits

Medical expenses

Covers medical expenses arising from treatment of sudden illness or accident while overseas Emergency medical evacuation.
Covers expenses arising from transporting parents to the nearest medical facility if not available in the current area.

Repatriation of Remains

Covers expenses arising from sending the remains to India when there’s death.

Baggage loss or Baggage delay

Reimbursement of expenses involved when the checked baggage is lost or delayed.

Dental coverage

Treatment of sudden acute pain in tooth.

Pre-existing conditions

Coverage of $1,500 for treatment of pre-existing conditions in case of life-threatening situations.

No Sub limits

Offers comprehensive coverage without sub limits up to the age of 99 years.

Parents travel insurance by TATA AIG

Parents above 70 years

TATA AIG travel insurance for older travellers above 70 years.

Parents travel insurance

International travel insurance for Indian parents overseas.

Pre-existing coverage

TATA AIG travel insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Senior Citizen Insurance

TATA AIG overseas mediclaim insurance for older travelers above 80 years.

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Mr. Jaideep Deorukhkar, Head Travel Services at Tata AIG says "NRIOL has been one of our key partners in India for the past 16 years and has been pivotal in providing Tata AIG customers an opportunity to purchase their TATA AIG travel insurance online".