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Tata AIG's Property Insurance Department insures commercial assets in manufacturing, trading and services. The core coverages offered are Fire & Allied Perils Insurance and Fire Consequential Loss Insurance. We also offer packaged policies including for Burglary, Money, Employee Infidelity, All Risk Insurance (for portable equipment), Plate Glass and Travel Baggage Covers. With a focus on comprehensive risk transfer solutions for businesses, Tata AIG's Property Underwriters conduct expert analyses of the business and its associated exposures. Property insurance coverages from TATA AIG are comprehensive yet flexible enough to address risks specific to the business.
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Standard Property Insurance Coverages

  • Standard Fire and Special Perils* Perils insured are fire, lightning, explosion / implosion, impact damage, aircraft impact, bursting / overflowing of water tanks / pipes / apparatus, sprinkler leakage, storm, cyclone, typhoon, hurricane, tempest, tornado, flood, inundation, subsidence, landslide (including rock slide), riots, strikes, malicious damage, missile testing operations. Additionally with options to insure Earthquake and Terrorism risks and a host of extensions including insurance of rent.
  • Consequential Loss (fire)* Covers loss of profits of a business due to reduction in the turnover caused by a loss or damage that is covered in the Standard Fire Policy. This insurance includes cover for Increased Cost of Working following the loss, as well as the Standing Charges of the business.
  • Money Insurance is against loss of money whilst contained in a locked safe or cash box within the insured premises. The coverage can be extended to include loss of money whilst in transit.
  • Fidelity Employer / business owners are insured against direct financial loss to the business caused by any act of fraud on the part of any employee. This insurance covers loss of money as well as business assets entrusted to employees.
  • All Risks (portable equipment) Insures the risk of accidental damage to portable equipment such as laptops and other electronic devices, test and measuring instruments, etc. at any location and including whilst in transit in the personal custody of the employees of the business.
  • Plate Glass Insures the risk of accidental damage to plate glass installed in the business premises.
  • Travel Baggage Covers accompanied baggage of employees on travel for business purposes.

Business Guard

Tata AIG's core strength is product innovation. Business Guard is a packaged product range developed after detailed analyses of the insurance needs of various market segments.

Unlike other packaged policies available in the market, BusinessGuard policies are flexible enough to be adapted to specific business situations. This flexibility allows clients to build in a host of coverages under one umbrella, creating a comprehensive insurance solution.

The Business Guard series of packaged products addresses the needs of trading, services, and manufacturing segments.
  • Shakti (for large traders)
  • Office (for office insurance needs)
  • Commercial (for manufacturing and other services)

Risk Management

Tata AIG Risk Management - Adding value to your organization

Insurance business is nothing but a "transfer of risk" by an insured to an insurer; hence, insurer's prudent approach to risk management is only way to protect insured's interest in long run. Good financial health of insurers by practicing effective risk management programme makes the insurers possible to fulfil their commitment in the event of any unforeseen eventuality resulting in severe losses to the insured.

We at Tata AIG always believe in minimization of risk for our clients. To achieve this objective, we have a team of highly experienced Risk Management / Loss Control Specialists on board who undertake risk management activities for your plant. The risk management activities of Tata AIG in India are supported by AIU (American International Underwriters), a division of AIG (American International Group). Established in 1919 and operating in more than 130 countries worldwide, AIG has vast experience in the field of risk management. The risk engineers of Tata AIG have been trained by AIU to enable them to conduct risk surveys as per AIU Global Standards.

Insurance covers normally direct or tangible losses, which is just the tip of the iceberg; however, intangible uninsured losses such as goodwill, market share, shareholders' confidence, employees' morale etc. will have severe impact on the insured. Hence, Risk Management services and loss control measures offered by Tata AIG are very crucial in terms of insured's overall business perspectives.

The Risk Management Service offered by Tata AIG would assist the insured in a loss prevention programme in a number of ways:
  • Surveying the insured's facility, the risk engineer would identify loss causing events which could result in property damages and business interruption.
  • Reviewing probability and severity of the loss causing events, the risk engineer would advise insured on loss control measures.
  • Risk Engineer would update the insured on latest risk management tools being practiced globally.
This would not only lead to better risk management, but also a possible reduction in premium for the insured.

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