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Tata AIG Travel Insurance

TATA AIG senior citizen travel insurance for elderly Indians

Indian senior citizens who are traveling overseas to US, Europe, UK, Australia, Singapore… should understandably take extra precautions for their overseas travel. Quite often their international travel begins with a long arduous flight often with layovers in different airports. The different security checks itself are tiresome and add to overall fatigue. Beyond the journey, international travellers are exposed to a new environment with different weather conditions, new food and water.

All of this can overwhelm any traveller, not only senior citizens. Seniors are also vulnerable as they can have weaker immune systems or can have an existing medical ailment flare up.While traveling overseas can be exciting, being forced to visit a hospital outside India can be traumatic. In this context, one can reduce the anxiety while traveling overseas by purchasing reliable international travel insurance. TATA AIG Travelguard insurance is very popular and is available for Indian senior citizen nationals up to the age of 99 years.

The international travel medical insurance coverage for seniors up to the age of 70 years is $500,000 USD and after the age of 70 years is $50,000 USD. This policy also covers pre-existing conditions up to $1500 USD. There are two options for TATA AIG travel insurance for senior citizens, one plan with sub-limits which is cheaper and another comprehensive coverage without sub-limits which is more expensive.This travel insurance for seniors is designed specifically to cover most the medical expenses. The medical insurance coverage includes pre-admission tests, ambulance services, physician visits, emergency medical evacuation, hospital room charges, ICU charges and surgical treatment.

TATA AIG international travel insurance highlights

Sum Insured

USD 50 k / 1 Lac / 2.5 Lac / 5 Lac / 10 Lac

Coverage period

180 days


180 days to 99 years

TATA AIG travel insurance renewal while outside India

Indian travelers who want to extend or renew TATA AIG travel insurance can complete the TATA AIG international travel insurance renewal request form online and we will try to get an approval for you.

The following documents are required for extending/renewing the policy:

  1. Filled & signed Good health declaration
  2. Passport (first and last page & stamp page of the departure)
  3. Air ticket copy of onward journey (traveled from India to overseas)

TATA AIG senior citizen benefits

Plan Benefits Senior Silver plan Deductible
Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses $50,000 $100
Emergency Medical Evacuation Included under the benefit limit of accident & Sickness medical expense reimbursement NIL
Repatriation of Remains Included under the benefit limit of accident & Sickness medical expense reimbursement NIL
Baggage Loss (Checked Baggage) $500
Baggage Delay $50 After first 12 hours
Loss of Passport $250 $30
Personal Liability $1,00,000 $200
Emergency Cash Advance $500 NIL

TATA AIG senior travel insurance - FAQ's

What travel insurance is best for seniors?

The senior citizen travel insurance policy offered by Tata AIG is applicable for senior citizens starting from 71 years of age with no upper age limit. There is no paper work involved and no medical tests needed to get this insurance. It also covers pre-existing conditions in case of life threatening.

Tata AIG senior citizen travel insurance offers health insurance cover for over 70 years with medical condition. It offers coverage of pre-existing illness cover for $1,500 in case of life threatening.

Buying Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Online from with Tata AIG is very easy. There is no paper work or medical tests involved and it can be bought online. First get a quote by entering the relevant travel details, choose the TATA AIG senior citizen travel insurance plan you want, fill the TATA AIG senior citizen travel guard online proposal form and complete the purchase using your credit card, debit card, internet banking, UPI. You can also international cards to purchase the TATA AIG's International Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

You can renew the TATA AIG policy online. Fill the relevant details of the current existing policy and claims information (if any)and submit the form online. Our insurance advisors will then try to get approval based on the filled details. The policy holder will be updated on the approval or rejection of the renewal request as early as possible (maximum 1 working day). if approved the policy holder will be sent a buy url where he / she can pay online and renew his policy.

TATA AIG pre-existing conditions for senior citizen

Most of the senior citizens travelling overseas would have pre-existing conditions. TATA AIG travel guard insurance for senior citizens covers pre-existing conditions in case of life saving unforeseen emergency.

A pre-existing condition is any condition or sickness for which there were symptoms and/or diagnosed and/or received medical care within 48 hours before the start of the insurance plan. In this case the company would reimburse $1,500 per policy when the insured becomes medically fit or is cured from acute pain. The further related health care cost to recover or to prevent the onset of acute pain will be taken take care of by the insured and not the insurance plan.

Travel tips for senior citizens overseas

  • Having someone from the family to help with the flight reservations is advisable. Do let your children book your tickets and make other travel reservations for you.
  • Always book a non-stop flight if possible to avoid missing flights and minimize travel time.
  • Try looking for senior discounts as some flights claim to offer them
  • While booking a flight it is better to choose the right disability option. The airlines may offer special assistance while travelling.
  • Travel during the right time of the day as the elderly travelers may get exhausted travelling at odd times
  • Do not forget to carry all the required medications as some may not be available in the country you are visiting. Carrying a list of medicines and their dosages is also recommended.
  • Carry light and sufficient luggage with things that are necessary and not unwanted substances.
  • Requesting a wheelchair at the airport as walking can be tiring
  • It is advisable to have a family member travel with senior citizens who could help out with luggage and immigration
  • When senior visit you plan activities sparingly so that they always have time to relax and lie down.

TATA AIG senior citizen travel insurance

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