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TATA AIG Travel Insurance Review

Sum Insured

USD 50,000/ 100,000/250,000/500,000

Tenure Options

180 days( can be extended for further)

Age of Entry

180 days to 99 years

TATA AIG student travel insurance

No medical check up

Instant policy

How do I renew my Tata AIG travel insurance policy? TATA AIG travel insurance extension / renewal online

After traveling overseas from India, it is possible that travellers want to extend their stay abroad. Renewing their TATA AIG travelguard insurance plan becomes very important in this situation.

The approval for TATA AIG insurance renewal will depend on whether there has been a claim on the existing TATA AIG travel insurance and on the total length of stay outside India. For travellers below the age of 70 years, the company allows to renew TATA AIG travel insurance for a total of 360 days. For travellers over 70 years, the company allows customers to renew TATA AIG travel guard up to a total of 180 days.

Please fill the following form to  renew the TATA AIG Student insurance plan »

Tata Aig Renewal / Extension of the policy

Tata AIG offers a travel insurance renewal or extension option for policyholders who wish to extend their coverage beyond the original policy period. Generally policyholders having Tata AIG travel guard insurance can renew or extend the policy if their stay in overseas gets extended. Tata AIG annual multi trip policies can be extended for another year while single trip policies can be extended up to 360 days depending on the age of the traveller, while Asia guard is not renewable.

When you renew or extend your travel insurance policy, the coverage remains the same as the original policy. The policy can be extended before it gets expired. If the gets expired, still you want to renew the policy, however any claims during the period after the policy expiry till you renew the policy are not covered. Tata AIG policy renewal for travel insurance is based on approval basis from the Tata AIG head office. Please get in touch with our insurance advisors to know the latest terms and conditions of renewal and documents required to get your policy renewed.

What are the steps to renew Tata AIG travel insurance?

The renewal process for Tata AIG travel insurance is as simple as below

  1. Renew Tata AIG travel insurance online by filling the simple renewal form available at tata-aig-insurance-renew-extension
  2. Send supporting documents to us like
    • Good health declaration form
    • Claims information (if any)
    • Proof of travel like flight ticket or a copy of your passport page that contains the departure stamp
  3. Our insurance advisers will receive your request for renewal. Then it will be sent to the Tata AIG underwriting for approval.
  4. Once approved you will be intimated by email with an hyper link to renew your policy.
  5. You have to pay renewal premium for Tata AIG travel insurance online.
  6. You will receive your renewed policy by email.

In case of any clarifications or information on renewal process, please get in touch with our insurance advisors Call 080-41101026. You can also chat with us on Whatsapp.

Are there any limitations for Tata AIG travel guard policy extension?

Yes there are few limitations for Tata AIG travel guard policy extension.

  • For travellers up to 70 years of age, the sum total of first policy and subsequent renewals cannot be more than 360 days.
  • For travellers with age 70+ and above, the sum total of first policy and subsequent renewals cannot be more than 180 days.
  • You cannot change the plan during the renewal. Means you have to renew the same plan which you are first covered with.
  • Travel guard policies can be renewed while Asia guard policies cannot be renewed.
  • You can request for extension of policy 7 days before the expiry of the current policy.
  • You can also request for extension of the policy post expiry of the policy.
  • Approval of renewals is based on good health and no claim declaration.

TATA AIG insurance renewal online, TATA AIG insurance renew - FAQ's

You can renew the TATA AIG policy onlineusing the online extension form. Fill the relevant details of the current TATA AIG travel insurance policy and claims information (if any)and submit the form online. Our insurance advisors will then try to get approval based on the provided details. The policy holder will be updated on the approval/renewal request as early as possible (maximum of 1 working day). if approved the policy holder will be sent a web-link where he / she can complete the transaction online to renew the policy.

Yes you can extend your travel insurance while being abroad by filling the TATA AIG insurance policy renewal form so that our insurance advisors will help you to renew your policy.

Travelers who are less than 70 year old can initially buy the policy for 6 months and this can be renewed for another 6 months provided that the policy holder is in good health and has no claims on the existing policy. If the policy has already expired or has any claims then renewal is based on approval from the TATA AIG insurance head office.

However for 70+ travel policies the sum total number of policy days included subsequent renewals cannot exceed 180 days.

If you wish to extend your stay overseas and wish to continue your insurance cover, then you can apply for the Tata AIG travel guard policy extension online. You should extend the Tata AIG travel insurance before the current policy expires.

Yes if your trip is extended you can renew / extend your travel insurance by paying your renewal premium. Renew your policy online by filling the Tata AIG travel extension form (hyper link). Once approved renewal of your Tata AIG travel insurance can be done while still abroad.

If you have any plans to extend your stay in overseas, then your need to extend your travel insurance that you initially purchased.

Tata AIG travel insurance can be renewed while abroad using the Tata AIG travel insurance extension form.

You have to renew your policy before seven working days of the policy expiring date.

You are required to provide the details as per the good health deceleration form

Under no circumstances you are not allowed to change the plan or coverage during renewal of the policy.

Renewal premium will be calculated based on the number of days requested for the extension and the age of the policy holders at the time of renewal.

Yes you can renew the policy even though the policy has expired, with approval from the Tata AIG underwriting team.

TATA AIG provides various payment options for policy renewal, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI and other online payment methods. You can choose the most convenient option during the renewal process.

Travel insurance renewals do not require any medical re-evaluation unless and until there is a medical claim in the existing policy and requested by the underwriting team.

TATA AIG travel insurance India, TATA AIG international travel insurance

buy TATA AIG travel insurance How to buy TATA AIG insurance?

You can buy Travel Guard policy online by using a credit/debit card, direct funds transfer using NEFT or RTGS or by using a cheque

TATA AIG traveler outside India Traveler outside India

Travelers who have already traveled from India and do not have insurance can buy TATA AIG travel insurance online.

TATA AIG travel insurance premium chart TATA AIG Asia Travel Guard premium chart

Calculate the international travel insurance premium for Indian travelers and senior citizens travelling overseas

TATA AIG travel insurance claims TATA AIG insurance claims

In case of Claim or reimbursement of treatment expenses, notify TATA AIG overseas travel insurance.

TATA AIG travel insurance Brochure TATA AIG Asia travel insurance brochure

Download TATA AIG Travel Guard brochure online!

TATA AIG travel plan renewal TATA AIG travel insurance renewal

Travel insurance customers can renew their existing policy online before the exipry date at any time.

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Travel insurance from TATA AIG

What does TATA AIG travel insurance cover?

Medical expenses coverage

The plan covers for medical expenses due to accident and sickness while traveling outside India.

Checked baggage loss

Reimbursement for loss of checked in baggage.

Loss of Passport

Coverage for expenses incurred in obtaining a duplicate or new passport.

Sickness Dental Relief

The policy pays for immediate dental treatment occurring due to sudden acute pain during an overseas insured journey.

Personal liability

Compensation for damages to be paid to a third party, resulting from death, bodily injury or damage to property; caused involuntarily by the insured.


In the unfortunate event of the common carrier being hijacked, plan will pay a distress allowance.

Trip Delay

Reimbursement of additional expenses due to trip delay (only if the trip is delayed for more than 12 hours).

Personal Accident

Travel Guard gives worldwide coverage against Accidental Death and Dismemberment while abroad.

Baggage delay

Reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred for purchase of emergency personal goods due to delay in arrival of checked in baggage while overseas.

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