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Corporate travel insurance

Every business trip is an investment for any company. You need to have your employee at your customers place, understanding their processes, finding solutions and then implementing them together. What are the perils to this investment? How about lost baggage (and passports), personal accidents, even a hospital stay in a strange land? How about an employee who needs to be replaced due to an illness or missing a meeting because your trip got delayed? Tata AIG has travel insurance to guard against these perils - the market's best known corporate travel policy "Business Travel Accident".

Our worldwide associate "AIG Assist" covers more than a million travelers each year traveling to North & South America. This is an AIG owned company and has the largest network of hospitals in the Americas - this ensures your employees get immediate medical attention at the closest possible hospital. "International SOS" which manages the Rest of the world is the largest medical administrator and has the services of a multilingual team familiar with local conditions and systems. Of course, every Tata AIG travel product sets benchmarks on service excellence, worldwide coverage and value for money.

Business Travel Accident

Business Travel Accident is designed for companies where numerous employees make overseas trips, each trip lasting for not more than 6 months. The employees get covered for Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses, Medical Evacuation, Baggage Loss or Delay, even Loss of Passport and a host of other relevant benefits. This is backed up by effective claims and assistance services across the world by two of the most proficient Assistance companies - AIG Assist and International SOS.

Why business travel accident (BTA)?
  • Business travel accident's (BTA) premium rates are per day, per person - so you pay only for what you use - this saves premium
  • The policy issuance is Internet based and convenient both for issuing policies and MIS
  • Travel days can be replenished on payment of additional premium - and monthly reconciliation to ensure accuracy of your billing.
  • Toll Free facilities in Americas, UK, Japan for immediate medical assistance

How it works?
Each BTA policy is for an entire year. During this year, all single overseas trips (not exceeding 180 days) made by each and any employee is covered. The travel days and premium are adjusted according to actual number of days used.

Coverage in US$ Gold ($250,000) Platinum ($500,000)
plus   Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses Reimbursement $250,000 $500,000
ambulance   Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit(24 Hrs) $15,000 $25,000
clinic   Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit(Common Carrier) $5,000 $5,000
teeth   Sickness Dental Relief $500 $1000
ambulance   Emergency Medical Evacuation Included under Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses Reimbursement Included under Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses Reimbursement
person   Repatriation of Remains Included under Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses Reimbursement Included under Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses Reimbursement
delay-bag   Baggage Delay Benefit (After first 12 hrs Only) $100 $200
person-with-lugg   Checked Baggage Loss Benefit $1,000 $1,000
passport   Loss of Passport $250 $250
person   Personal Liability $200,000 $200,000
delay  Flight Delay $10 per 12 hours & maximum $100 $10 per 12 hours & maximum $100
aeroplane  Hijack $100 per day & maximum $500 $100 per day & maximum $500
home  Home Burglary Rs. 2 Lakhs Rs. 2 Lakhs
dollar   Emergency Cash Advance $1,000 $1,500
Fraudulent   Fraudulent Charges (Payment Card Security) $1,000 $2,000
trip cancel   Trip Cancellation $750 (Deductible $75) $1000 (Deductible $100)
plane   Trip Curtailment $750 (Deductible $75) $1000 (Deductible $100)
gps   Missed Connection / Missed Departure $750 (Deductible 75) $1000 (Deductible 100)
Airline   Bounced Hotel / Airline booking $750 (Deductible 75) $1000 (Deductible 100)
Please read through TATA AIG travel insurance brochure for its policy wordings which explains the terms and conditions and plan benefits. The plan premium can be viewed at TATA AIG premium chart. You can renew/extend the plan using TATA AIG travel insurance extension on expiry.


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