Popular Parsi girl Baby Names starting with 'F'

Popular Indian Christian girl baby names starting with the letter 'F' and their meanings. Unique Kerala Syrian Christian girl baby names that are popular and widely used.
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Modern Christian Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'F'

Faaiz Successful person
Fabiana Bean
Fabina God
Fae Trust
Fagun Holy Month in Spring
Fahima Intelligent
Faiga A bird
Faina Happy
Faith Loyalty, Belief
Fara Beautiful, Lovely, Pleasant, Good Looking
Farah Happiness, Cheerfulness, Beautiful, Joyful
Farha Happiness
Faria Beautiful
Farin Wise, Intelligent
Farina Wise
Farlin Beautiful
Fatima Captivating, Sea fowl
Faye Trust
Feba Source of Light
Felberta Brilliant
Felcia Lucky
Fellicia Fortunate
Felice Happy
Felicity Happiness
Felisha Happy
Ferra Pleasant,Lovely One
Fiah Fire
Fiya Powerful
Fiyona Beautiful
Firoza Turquoise
Flaminia Priest, Roman Priest
Flavia Golden or blond, From the Roman family name Flavius
Fleta Swift, Fast
Florence Blooming flower, Flourishing
Flyta Rapid
Foy Faith
Fran Free man
Frances Free
Freda Peaceful Ruler
Frederica Peaceful Ruler
Frieda Protection
Fulva Name of Flower
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