Indian Numerology

It is a study of numbers and their tendencies, particularly as they affect personal characteristics and human event. Numerology is also a source that you can use to expand the horizons of your spiritual awareness. Through the symbols, we cll numbers, it opens doors in your psyche that you may not have known existed.
The science and art of Numerology are very old, but famous Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, who lived from 569 to 470 B.C., is considered by many to be the originator of Numerology also appears in the ancient Hebrew Kabala.


Modern Numerology are popularized by the palmist and fortune-teller "Cheiro" ( Count Louis Hamon ), who developed a system of what he called "fadic" numbers. These were arrived at by adding together all the digits in the subject's birth date to produce a number of destiny to which special planetary and other signicance was then attached.

Numerology works with the sum of the numbers in your date of birth and the numerological equivalents of the letters in your name. Because we are all familiar with numbers from childhood, many people find Numerology to be the most accessible of the genuine divination categories. In reality, number symbols and mathematical principles motivates many other forms of diviation, including Tarot, I-Ching and Astrology.

Numbers represent events and areas of life in which you will discover and experience your true self. The moment of your birth influences your identify throughtout your life, as does your name given by your parents and the name that you now use. The combination of these three is the basis for analysis in Numerology. Because this information is readily available to most people, Numerology is an easy way to discover, what makes you unique, what your destiny holds you, how you make and sustain relations, and what to expect in the future.

Find your Number :
For eg - 24 Jan 1980 - ( 2+4+1+1+9+8+0=7)

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