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Should I buy insurance for travelling within India?

There are some special plans under domestic travel insurance which an Indian citizens or Indian residents can buy for traveling within India. These plans are available as single trip and multi trip. Single trips are per trip basis which start when you leave your destination and end when you reach the destination or return back to your origin from where you started the journey. The cover varies with the plan you purchase. While the multi trip is suitable for frequent travelers who travel multiple times within a year within India. Domestic travel insurance India basically covers for accident medical expenses and other non-medical expenses like baggage loss, baggage delay, travel inconvenience benefits.

India domestic travel insurance

It is becoming common for international travelers who are traveling outside India to buy travel medical insurance for unforeseen emergency situations. However these situations can also occur when you are traveling within India.

Different Indian insurance companies like TATA AIG, Bajaj Allianz have now designed best domestic travel insurance India for Indian citizens traveling within India. You can buy domestic travel insurance within India for short durations or frequent travelers can buy domestic multi-trip insurance where they can travel multiple times within a year with each trip being limited to a certain number of days according to the plan chosen. Currently domestic travel insurance covers medical expenses due to accidents, but it does not cover sickness medical expenses. They also provide coverage for medical expenses incurred towards the treatment due to accidental injuries while traveling by rail / road / air during the tenure of the policy. These plans also cover for accidental death, baggage loss, missed departure, trip delay, trip cancellation, bounced hotel bookings and more.