Popular Parsi girl Baby Names starting with 'A'

Modern Parsi Girl Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'A' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique girl baby names for alphabet 'A' that are popularly used by NRIs across the world.
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Modern Parsi Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'A'

Aabresham Silk
Aabu Lotus
Aanahita Immaculate
Aara Adoring
Aban Water
Abezag Pure
Abgun Water coloured
Abrajan Bracelet, Anklet
Adeleh Gentle , Kind
Afarin Praise, To create
Afra Praise
Afrina Creator
Afroz Brightened
Afsar Leader
Afsoon Charm
Aftab The sun
Afshan To sprinkle
Ahwar Beloved
Akhtar Star
Akram Honorable
Alaleh A flower
Alma Nourishing
Almas Diamond
Almitra Noble
Ambaz Companion, Partner
Amesha Immortal
Amineh Faithful, Trustworthy
Amira Princess
Amudah Jewel
Anahita Graceful
Angabin Honey
Anisa Joy & pleasure
Anita Grace
Anoosheh Lucky, Happy
Anosha Joy
Ara Ornament
Arezoo Wish
Arezou Wishful
Arishi True, Real
Armaiti Thought
Arnaz Graceful
Arnavaz One who comforts
Arvaneh A wild violet
Aryana Noble
Arzoo Desire
Arzu Hope
Asal Honey
Ashna Friend
Ashraf Honey
Ashu Heavenly
Atefeh Affection
Atifeh Affection
Atoosa Daughter of the first king of Iran
Ava Voice, Call
Avisa Clear water
Aviva Joyful spring
Ayda In the moon
Ayla Circle of cristalic light around the sun or moon, Deer
Aylin Moon Halo
Azadeh Dry Earth, Noble, Freedom
Azaddokht Daughter of a freeman
Azam The powerful one
Azar Fire
Azara Scarlet
Azarin Chamomile flower
Azarnoush Right In Faith
Azura Sky Blue
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