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Overseas travel insurance for Pre Existing Conditions

Some Indian insurance plans offer limited coverage for pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing Conditions (PEC) or any complication arising from it in a life threatening unforeseen emergency condition is covered by the indian companies.

Frequently asked questions on pre-existing conditions

  • What is a pre-existing condition?
    • The pre-existing condition means any sickness / illness, which existed prior to the effective date of the insurance including whether or not the insured had knowledge that symptoms were related to the sickness / illness. Complication arising from a pre-existing condition will also be considered part of the pre-existing condition. Some examples of existing ailments could be diabetes, asthma, a heart condition, blood pressure, cancer. The coverage for a recurrence of these existing ailments is limited, please be aware of the exact coverage when you buy the policy.
  • What is life threatening situation due to pre-existing diseases?
    • Lifesaving unforeseen emergency measures, provided to the Insured by the Physician for Disease/accident arising out of a pre-existing condition. The treatment for these emergency measures would be paid within the policy limits till the Insured becomes medically stable. All further costs to maintain medically stable state to prevent the onset of ailment would have to be borne by the insured.
  • What are some of the common pre-existing ailments we hear about? Are they covered?
    • The common ailments we hear from our customers are diabetes, heart related ailments, blood pressure... The insurance companies we work with offer limited coverage for pre-existing conditions under life threatening situations.
  • How do you know if a pre-existing ailment is covered by a travel insurance?
    • Any existing ailment that you suffer from prior to buying the insurance is termed pre-existing condition. If you have any health issue or have been visiting a physician or have undergone a test or diagnose, it is recommended to declare it before buying travel insurance to get adequate health insurance coverage. Some plans do not ask for the pre-existing condition declaration, however they invariably do not cover pre-existing conditions, or do so under very specific conditions such as life threatening situations.
  • Who and how is it declared as a pre-existing conditions?
    • The insurance company review the documents submitted by you, the test reports, physician reports, some medical records, treatment received and medical history to declare an ailment as a pre-existing condition or not.
  • If my pre-existing condition is not covered why should I buy travel insurance?
    • You must realise that all possible health issues that you may encounter while outside India will not be due to your existing ailments. travel insurance with pre-existing condition coverage cover unexpected emergencies like sudden illness, accidents, hurting yourself or falling down. In foreign countries mainly USA, Canada, Europe, Australia... health care is very expensive. While it is great to visit these countries, being forced to visit a hospital in these countries without any travel insurance can be traumatic. Travel insurance pre existing conditions will cover you for these unforeseen situations. With travel medical insurance you can avoid paying for these large bills while overseas and secure yourself from any kind of financial crisis.
  • Are some existing illness excluded from the coverage offered by the travel insurance?
    • Yes some insurance companies do not cover existing ailments and some specific ailments are excluded from the coverage offered. The policy document usually has details of the exclusions.
  • Who is the best travel insurance provider?
    • When you want to buy travel insurance with pre existing medical conditions for insuring your trip you want to choose a provider who is best in the market. Several factors to consider before you can choose the best insurance provider. They are Company Brand - It is always better to choose a company which is well known in the insurance industry internationally.
      Reliability - The company should be a reliable one.
      Hassle free - Buying the best insurance for pre existing conditions should be easy and hassle free.
      Quick Service - The service provider should be available round the clock for any emergency assistance.
      Affordability - Of course the cost of the insurance. The plans should be available at an affordable price.
      Claims settlement - Select a company which has the highest claims settlement ratio in the market.
  • Does travel insurance cover pre-existing ailments?
    • There are many insurance companies which offer best travel insurance for senior citizens with pre existing disease. The coverage and benefits vary from one company to the other. Not all companies do cover pre-existing conditions. There are only few companies willing to cover pre-existing conditions. Some companies cover pre-existing conditions under life threatening situations while some cover for a limited amount. They have a restriction of the age for this benefit to be covered. Some of the companies even cover some of the critical illness like cancer disease, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, insulin dependent diabetes while these critical diseases are an exclusion of some other company.

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