Christian Girl Baby Names Starting with 'M'

Popular Indian Christian girl baby names starting with the letter 'M' and their meanings. Unique Kerala Syrian Christian girl baby names that are popular and widely used.
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Modern Christian Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'M'

Maabel Lovable
Mabella Lovable
Maeve Intoxicating,Purple flower
Maaria Star of the sea
Madeline One who is elevated
Madonna Our Lady
Magdalene A Tower
Magena Protection
Mahalia Affection
Mahima Greatness,Miracle
Mahola Dance
Mahola Dance
Maicy Innocent
Maizy Beautiful
Makayla Beautiful,One who is like God
Malina Tower, Dark
Malka Queen
Malvina Woman with Smooth Forehead
Mancy Voice of Heart
Mandy Worthy of love
Manmatha God of love
Mara bitter
Marcia Martial One
Marcy Rendered to Mars
Mareen Star of the sea
Margi Traveller
Margaret Jewel
Margarite A pearl
Maria Bitter
Marrisa Mother of daksa
Mariam Sea of bitterness
Mariana Rebellious Woman
Mariasha Perfect one
Maribel Mary the Beautiful
Mariel Bitter
Marilena Bitter Light
Marilyn Bitter
Marina Mother of Jesus Christ
Marisha A Variation of Mary
Mariya Mother of Jesus Christ
Marleen From the High Tower, Rebellion
Marley Marshy Meadow
Marly Bitter
Marnina Cause of joy
Marsha Warlike
Marta Lady
Martina Dedicated to God
Martha Who becomes bitter, Provoking
Mary Bitter
Marya Uncertain
Maura Beloved
Maureen Rebellious Woman
Maya A Princess
Mayil Full of grace
Mayra Moon,Beloved
Matilda Battle Maiden
Meghan Pearl
Meg Love
Meira Light
Melanie Dark
Melinda Grateful,Gentle
Melisaa Resembling a honeybee, A nymph
Melosa Sweet or gentle
Mercilina Of Mars
Mercy Compassion
Merry Joyful, Lighthearted
Merilina Star of the Sea
Merlin From the fort by the sea
Mersy Mercy
Mia Beauty,Mine
Michaela Like God
Micol Queen
Mikki Feminine of Michael
Milagros Miracles
Milly Gentle strength
Minna Love, Mother
Minnie Loving Memory
Mira Wonder
Mireille God Has Spoken
Miriam Bitter
Missy Bee,Young girl
Molina Tree that grow from root
Mona Wish,Desire
Monal Bird,Amazing
Monalisa Noble
Moria My teacher is God
Morena Little Mary
Moselle Taken from water
Myla Merciful
Myra I flow
Myriam Ancient version of Mary
Mysha A happy mood
Mythili Princess of mithila
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