Popular Christian Boy Baby Names Starting with 'B'

Popular Indian Christian boy baby names starting with the letter 'B' and their meanings. Unique Kerala Syrian Christian boy baby names that are popular and widely used.
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Modern Christian Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'B'

Benson Ben's son, excellent son Fair Complexioned
Badada Person with a big heart
Badrick Axe ruler
Baird Bard or Minstrel
Baldwin Princely Friend
Balder Prince
Baltasar God or lord protect the king
Banaing The slayer's son
Bannan Commander
Bani Goddess saraswati
Banner Flag bearer
Barak Of the lightning flash
Barratt Strong by mind
Barde A ballad singer
Bardulf A clever/td>
Baret As strong as abear
Barnab Son of consolation
Baranar Foreign traveler
Baron Freeman
Barren Leader
Bart Rich in land
Barrett Bear-brave
Barron Fighter
Barry Spear
Barth Son of Tolmai
Bardarik A bold ruler
Bartholomew a son that suspends the waters
Basil A saint
Basset Short and sweet person
Bayard Russet-haired
Bazyl Person of royal character
Beau Handsome
Beasley Field of Peas
Beck Dweller near the brook
Bede Prayer
Bellamy Friend
Bellinor A dark beauty
Ben Son of
Benaiah Son of the Lord
Benedict blessed
Benito Blessed
Benjamin Son of My Right Hand
Bennett Blessed
Benny Son of My Right Hand
Benton Moor Dweller
bert Bright; Brilliant
Bertram Bright, Shining Raven
Beryl dazzling jewel
Bernard Courageous
Bevis Shining One
Bevan Son of God
Bildad Old friendship
Blaine Lean,Thin
Blair Man of Flatlands
Boaz Swift, Strong
Boban Happy,Winner
Bobin Bright Frame
Boris Warrior
Bowen Son of Owen
Brandan Traveller
Brant Proud
Brendan Traveller
Brendon Traveller
Bret Native of Brittany
Brian Strong
Brice Great Ambition
Bridget Strong, Strength
Brighton The one who is loved
Britt The helpful one
Bruno Dark Complexioned
Bryan Strength
Bryant Strong
Buck The Deer
Burton Handsome
Byran A form of byron
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