Christian Girl Baby Names Starting with 'L'

Popular Indian Christian girl baby names starting with the letter 'L' and their meanings. Unique Kerala Syrian Christian girl baby names that are popular and widely used.
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Modern Christian Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'L'

Laboni Graceful
Lael Of God
Lailaa Dark beauty
Lailie Born during light
Lainey Bright light
Lancy Light to the World
Lara Protection, Graceful, Prosperous Gurdian
Larra Cheerful
Latissha Great joy
Latasi Praise
Laura Laurel leaves, Symbol of honor, Victory
Lauren The bay, Laurel plant
Leah Weary
Ledah Birth
Leena A Devoted One, Tender, Light
Lenna Sun ray
Leia Weary
Leisa A Form Of Lisa
Lemoa Brilliant
Lemuela Dedicated to God
Lena Light, Pledge, Bright One, Moonlight
Lesia Of Noble Kind, Exalted, God is My Oath
Letticia Joyful happy
Levia Helper of mankind
Lia Dependence
Libba From the name Elizabeth
Libby Consecreted to God
Lilly A flower symbolic of innocence, purity, and beauty
Lisa Dedicated to God
Lily Elegant flower, Innocence, Urity, Beauty
Lilyana Lilies
Linda Pretty, Tender Woman
Liza Consecrated to God
Lois Good
Lolita From the Virgin Mary
Loretta Pure
Loreto Uncertain
Lucia Light
Lucita Mary of the Light
Luvena Beloved
Luana Happiness, Pleasure, Female Warrior
Lydia A standing pool
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