Popular Christian Boy Baby Names Starting with 'O'

Popular Indian Christian boy baby names starting with the letter 'O' and their meanings. Unique Kerala Syrian Christian boy baby names that are popular and widely used.
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Modern Christian Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'O'

Obed Workman
Oachim God Will Establish
Obadiah Servant of god
Oberon Elf Ruler
Ole Ancestorf
Olin Holly
Olson Son of ole
Omar He that speaks
Ophir Honest,Gold
Oran Rule
Ormond Bear Mountain; Spear Protector
Orran The name of an english river
Orrin River
Orrick Old oak tree
Orvin Spear Friend
Ossian Young Deer
Osaze Favoured by god
Osbaldo Uncertain
Osbert Divine, bright
Osborn Warrior of god
Osborne Soldier of god
Oscar God's Spear
Osman Servant of God
Osmar Divine; Wonderful
Osmond God's Protection
Osric Divine Ruler
Oswald God's power, god's crest
Oswin Divine Friend
Othello Rich Youth
Othniel Strength of God
Otis Rich
Owin Young Fighter
Oxford Place Where Oxen Cross The River
Ozias God’s strength
Ozzie God's Divine Power
Ozzy God's Divine Power
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