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Multiple overseas trips within a year

Annual Multitrip insurance allows customers to travel outside India, anywhere in the world, any number of times during the coverage period of 1 year. The Indian insurance plans offer affordable coverage for multi trip travel insurance India.

Please read through TATA AIG travel insurance brochure from TATA AIG for its policy wordings which explains the terms and conditions and plan benefits. The premium can be computed using our user friendly TATA AIG multi-trip insurance premium chart. You can renew/extend the plan using TATA AIG travel insurance extension on expiry. To buy travel insurance for your frequent travels you can also complete the online TATA AIG Travelguard annual multi trip proposal form.

Overseas travel insurance for annual multitrip coverage

People traveling within India or overseas for business for a shorter duration with a year or frequent fliers can buy a multi trip travel medical insurance. The plans offered by different companies vary with coverage and slab days. The slabs offered by different companies are 30, 45, 60 or a 90 days slab. Though the policy coverage is for one year from the date of inception, the traveler cannot stay beyond the slab days he / she has purchased. Travelers traveling worldwide, worldwide excluding USA & Canada or any of the Asian countries can buy the multi trip travel medical insurance. Multi trip travel insurance plans covering Asian countries are cheaper than the plans offered for other destinations.

Now you might be thinking what this slab might be. To understand this let us take an example where a traveler has a multi trip travel medical insurance with 30 day slab which is valid from 01-Jan-xxxx to 31-Dec-xxxx. He / she travelers from India to overseas on 01-Mar-xxxx for some business trip. Then he / she has to return back to India on or before 30-Mar-xxxx. If the policy holder stays beyond 30 days, then from 31-Mar-xxxx he / she is not covered under this insurance till he / she returns back to India. Any claim arising during uninsured period has to be borne by the traveler. However he / she is covered during the next trip when traveling from India up to 30 days.

Which is the best travel insurance for business, corporate or professional travelers?

Ans:- Frequent fliers like the business people or corporates can buy a multi trip travel insurance plan. This plan is valid for one year with the slab duration of 30, 45,60 or 90 days. The maximum coverage and the slab days varies with company to company. Right now multi trip travel insurance is offered up to the age of 70 years and after that only renewals are allowed. Few companies which offer frequent flier travel insurance are TATA AIG, Bajaj Allianz, Reliance, Religare, ICICI Lombard, Cholamandalam and more.

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Types of Insurance

Types of insurance

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Please find out the different types of travel insurance that suits your travel.

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Already outside India

Already outside India

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Travelers who have already traveled from India and do not have insurance can buy travel medical insurance.

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Online Renewal

Online renewal

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Insurance customers can renew their existing policy online before the exipry date at any time.

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Frequently asked questions?

What is an Annual Multi-Trip policy?

An Annual Multi-Trip (AMT) is a travel insurance plan which offers medical and non-medical coverage to the policy holder for multiple trips in overseas throughout a year. These policies are valid for one year but each trip length is limited to 30, 45, 60 or 90 days depending on the plan chosen. They do not cover for 12 continuous months of stay in overseas. These plans are suitable for business people or frequent fliers who travel multiple number of times within a year.

The maximum age limit varies from one company to the other. Usually the maximum age limit is 70 years. Some companies offer lifelong renewal (renew for every year without a break) if you had a policy when you are under 70 years.

The maximum length of any one trip varies from 30, 45, 60 and 90 days depending on the insurance company.

The annual multi trip policies are valid for one year. You can travel any number of times within the policy tenure but should exceed the slab days chosen during each trip.

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