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Indian travel insurance online

Indians travelling outside India should buy a best travel health insurance with our top India travel insurance companies providing coverage for accident and hospitalization expenses, sickness and medications, repatriation of remains in case of death, loss of checked baggage, passport loss...

Getting overseas travel insurance is very important given one vulnerability in new environment outside India and cost of healthcare in most countries. Travel at peace and security - The cost of travel insurance is easily worth the peace of mind and the security it provides which can be calculated using our travel insurance premium calculator.

NRIOL helps you compare and find best travel insurance policy based on your requirements.

Single trip travel insurance

  • A single trip travel insurance India insures the traveller for the travel duration mentioned in the policy documents for any unforeseen emergency medical expenses during ones travel outside India.
  • These travel insurance plans are also known as round trip insurance as they insure the traveller onward from India for the duration of his/her stay overseas back to his/her return to India.
  • Travellers or family members can buy this type of insurance before they travel abroad.
  • The duration of coverage is usually the length of the journey, and the maximum available duration initially is 180 days but can be further extended but this varies from company to company.
  • Compare travel insurance and buy best online travel insurance in India

Multi trip travel insurance

  • Annual multi trip travel insurance is suitable for business people who travel overseas frequently but for shorter stays.
  • The Annual Multi trip travel medical insurance as the names suggests is a policy for a whole year and covers the traveller emergency medical expenses when the traveler is overseas, however the coverage for each overseas trip is limited to the trip period slab selected.
  • The trip period varies for different companies but is usually 30, 45, 60 and 90 days.
  • Annual multi trip travel insurance is for Indian citizens traveling outside India for accident medical expenses only. Compare & buy best annual travel insurance online!

Overseas travel insurance options for travellers of different ages

Below 70 years

Indian overseas travel insurance plans for travelers aged below 70 years.

Above 70 years

Senior Travelers aged 71-79 years are covered under Indian Insurance Plans while overseas.

Above 80 years

Indian overseas travel insurance plans for seniors aged above 80 years.

Travel insurance policies

Thanks to the rapidly growing Indian middle class, more and more Indians have disposable incomes and are able to travel outside India. This has been further fueled by the growth of internet and smartphones which has provided easy access to information and tools to travel overseas. As a result we often see Indians traveling to remote corners of the globe both for work as well as for vacations. Indian have truly taken to international travel bug with gusto and traveling overseas as well as travel within India has grown exponentially in the recent past.

However, while travel is exciting, care should be taken to handle unplanned adverse situations and emergency medical expenses which can create be very expensive. Depending on the traveller needs there are several insurance plans offered by IRDAI licensed Indian insurance providers (both public sector as well as private Insurance players). The public sector insurance companies include Oriental insurance, United India and National insurance. There are many private insurance players, some of the notable ones include TATA AIG , Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lombard, Reliance, Future Generali, HDFC Tokio, Care etc.. The travel insurance policies offered by these companies can be for single trips, or for multiple trips, they could be for individuals or for families traveling together, different policies have also been designed for different age groups and based on the travel destination (within Asia, travel to Schengen states in Europe, travel to the USA etc..).

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Types of insurance

Please find out the different types of travel insurance that suits your travel.

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Already outside India

Travelers who have already traveled from India and do not have insurance can buy travel medical insurance.

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Pre-existing Insurance

Visitors travel insurance for pre-existing conditions.

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Frequently asked questions on Indian travel Insurance.

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What is Domestic travel insurance?

Domestic travel insurance is for Indian citizens traveling within India. Currently domestic travel insurance covers for medical expenses only due to accidents. It does not cover sickness medical expenses. This provides coverage for medical expenses incurred towards the treatment due to accidental injuries while traveling by rail / road / air during the tenure of the policy. These plans also cover for baggage loss, missed departure, trip delay, trip cancellation, bounced hotel bookings and more. Compare and buy best domestic travel insurance online!
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International travel insurance, Overseas travel insurance India

International travel insurance popularly known as overseas travel medical insurance insures travelers for emergency accident and sickness medical expenses overseas. Expenses for more than 24 hours hospitalization is cashless after the deductible is paid, however doctor visits/physician visits and other outpatient medical expenses are on a reimbursement basis beyond the deductible amount. The deductible is the minimum amount the policy holder has to pay for before the insurance company pays for any expense. However there are a few companies which offer completely cashless plans even for outpatient medical expenses.

Once the traveler enters into a contract with the insurance company for his/her insurance, the insurance company provides him/her the policy copy which has the complete details of the coverage and the relevant toll free numbers where he/she should contact in case of a medical emergency or any other situation resulting in using the policy. The traveler can typically get insurance coverage for a maximum of six months and later on renew it for another six months. But this varies from company to company and it also varies with the age of the traveler. There are few companies which offer insurance for 360 days at one stretch depending on the travelers age. The travelers visiting Australia also can get travel medical insurance for one year. Compare nriol travel insurance and buy travel insurance online India.

What does overseas travel insurance cover?

  1. The Cashless policy Now a days most of the companies offer cashless medical expenses for sickness and accident of overseas travel policies.
  2. Protection round the clock With overseas travel health insurance you are protected 24/7. Means you are covered round the clock.
  3. Medical expenses coverage The plan covers for medical expenses due to accident and sickness while traveling outside India. This covers for both hospitalization medical expenses and out patient medical expenses / doctor visits, pharmacy bills.
  4. Checked baggage loss Reimbursement for loss of checked in baggage.
  5. Baggage delay Reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred for purchase of emergency personal goods due to delay in arrival of checked in baggage while overseas.
  6. Trip CancellationCovers the loss of pre-paid, non-refundable and unused payments, when the covered trip is cancelled due to illness, injury or death of family member, bankruptcy, jury duty, auto accident, terrorist incident etc.
  7. Pre-existingThis coverage is offered only by some policies and have clearly defined constraints. The pre-existing condition covers any sickness or illness, which existed prior to the effective date of the insurance including whether or not the insured had knowledge that symptoms were related to the sickness or illness.
  8. Emergency Medical EvacuationCovers your medical condition warrants immediate Transportation from the place where You are injured or sick to the nearest Hospital where appropriate medical treatment can be obtained or after being treated at a local Hospital, Your medical condition warrants Transportation to the country where the Trip commenced to obtain further medical treatment or to recover

Online travel insurance India, NRIOL travel insurance - FAQ's

How much does travel insurance cost?

You can calculate the cost by using the overseas travel insurance premium calculator. The cost of the travel insurance depends on various of factors. The factors effecting travel insurance costs are

  • Age of the travelers
  • Number of travelers
  • Travel destination
  • Trip duration
  • Maximum coverage

When your travel plans are confirmed. You can buy travel insurance online any time before you depart from your destination. It is better to buy the travel insurance at least one day before your departure to avoid last minute rush and confusion.

Travel insurance provides medical insurance which covers the policy holder for unforeseen emergency medical and non-medical expenses while outside India. There is a mistaken notion that buying travel insurance is not necessary as the traveler is healthy and nothing untoward will happen during the trip. Firstly the cost of the travel insurance is relatively small when compared to the cost of international travel. Also, insurance provides a safety net and peace of mind, even is not used.

Insurance is not purchased just to make a claim, however life is uncertain, anything many happen at any point of time. Travel insurance insures the traveler for any unforeseen emergency accident & sickness medical expenses and non-medical expenses. Travel insurance makes your trip a worry free otherwise expensive medical bills can nullify all your hard earned money. Thanks to the advances in technology and the awareness of travelers regarding the insurance industry, there is a growing acknowledgement of the need for travel insurance.

Once you complete the transaction, the policy will be sent to you immediately to the email-ids provided in the online application. The email copy of the policy is a valid legal document and a printout of the same is proof of your insurance coverage.

Before the policy start date - We need an email from the policy holder for the cancellation of the policy and the reason for cancellation. The policy will be cancelled and refund will be sent to the customer after deducting the cancellation charges.

After the policy start date - We need an email from the policy holder for the cancellation of the policy and the reason for cancellation. We need scan copies of all pages of the passport as proof that you have not traveled overseas. The policy will be cancelled and refund will be sent to the customer after deducting the cancellation charges.

Given the high costs of healthcare around the world, Travel medical insurance is not a luxury but very much a necessity while traveling outside India. Overseas travel insurance coverage is in fact required as a mandate to get a visa while traveling to certain countries.

The outlay of money for travelling can be quite substantial. You may find yourself facing the loss of more money than you want to lose should unforeseen circumstances arise that make it necessary to cancel or interrupt your trip. Trip insurance can provide protection against such losses in many cases. Other unforeseen losses such as trip delays or baggage delays can also be covered.

Depending upon the features of the plan that you purchase, travel insurance can provide the additional assurance that expenses will be covered for medical care including hospital admission, emergency dental care, and emergency medical evacuation. Emergency cash advances, and help with retrieval of luggage or other services may also be available.

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