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It is always nice to have a network of students who might be pursuing similar course as your or those who are from your native country. OIS-NET is a comprehensive network that could enable you to get in touch with the students in different academies. You can freely express your views, meet students, learn things, understand the culture diversity... by using the OISNET on our website. The communities, associations and forums that are related to students and their networks are accessible at OISNET.
There is also scope for sharing the experiences and accessing resources that could help students while they are abroad to pursue their higher studies. Students can access information according to the country they are visiting for overseas education. Requirement of each student can be unique and OISNET is trying to help students find their type of information easily accessible.
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This section will help overseas students to have a access for the forum, alumni associations and discussion platforms...

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The section "Country" on OISNET helps students who have travelled abroad to pursue their education.

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Students from India who are planning to visit abroad to pursue their education can find useful information on this section.

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The currency converter on this page is a very useful tool for whoever visiting a foreign country.

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