Popular Christian Boy Baby Names Starting with 'S'

Popular Indian Christian boy baby names starting with the letter 'S' and their meanings. Unique Kerala Syrian Christian boy baby names that are popular and widely used.
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Modern Christian Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'S'

Said Happy
Sadegh Sincere
Saeed Happy
Sami Elevated,High
Saamel God has heard
Sachiel Angel of water
Safford Willow river crossing
Sage Wise
Sagiv Mighty, with strength
Sahil Guide
Salim Safe, whole, flawless
Saloman Peaceful
Salton Manor town, willow town
Sam To hear
Samiir Entertaining companion
Sammuel God has heard
Sampson Child of the Sun Samuel
Samson As bright as the sun, a man with extraordinary strength
Samuel His name is God
Samuell God has heard
Sanborn Sandy brook
Sander A short form of alexander
Sandy Protector of humanity
Sanjar Prince
Santino Sacred
sarvin God of love
Saul Responded
Savio Saint's name
Sawyer Wood worker
Saxon Swordsman
Searle Armor
Sebastiaan The revered one
Sedgely Sword meadow
Seeley Blessed
Seger Sea spear, sea warrior
Semarias God guarded him
Seraphim Fiery ones
Servan Service of God
Seth Appointed
Shad Commanded by Aku
Sharan Shelter; Protection
Shamir Peaceful
Sheldon Farm On The Ledge
Sherlock Light Haired
Shulamith Peaceful
Shiloh Peaceful
Silas Of the forest
Siliman A happy man with good fortune
Siméon Listening
Simmon God is Heard
Solomon Peace
Soleiman A man with a sober mind
Sonny A Young Bo
Smith Smile
Stalin Steel Body
Stancil Beam
Stanley Stony Meadow
Stephen Crown, crowned
Summit Peak
Sunny Brilliant, Of The Sun
Swithbert Strong
Syon Gentle
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