Popular Parsi girl Baby Names starting with 'E'

Popular Indian Christian girl baby names starting with the letter 'E' and their meanings. Unique Kerala Syrian Christian girl baby names that are popular and widely used.
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Modern Christian Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'E'

Eadith Expensive gift
Earla Irish : Pledge, Feminine form of Earl
Earlina Noble woman
Earwyn Friend of the sea
Eavan Fair
Eda Happy
Edana Fiery
Edda Rich
Eden Pleasure, Delight
Edeline Noble
Edna Pleasure, Delight
Edrea Powerful
Edria Mighty
Edwina Wealthy friend, Rich in friendship
Edytha Spoils of war
Eevee A girl who born in chrismas eve
Effi Pleasant Speech
Efrosini A fawn or a bird
Egberta Shining sword
Eila The Earth
Eilessa A pretty flower
Eilis Celtic God's oath
Elissa Noble
Eileen Light
Eily Light
Eireen Woman of Peace
Eiwa Safety
Elainna The shining light
Elena Light, Sun Ray, Shining, The Bright One
Eleora The lord is my light
Elinor Light, Variant of Helen
Elina Woman with intelligence
Elisha Salvation of God
Elisheba God is satisfaction
Elizabeth The oath or fullness of God
Ellen Light, Mercy
Elyse Consecreted to God
Elysia Sweetly Blissful, Lightning Struck
Emanuela God is with us
Enya Little Seed,Kernel
Emmanulle God is with everybody
Erene Delight
Erleen Noblewoman
Eryn Peace
Esta Star
Esther Secret, Hidden, Star
Estelita Bright sparkling stars
Eta Shining
Etta Pearl
Etana Dedication, Strength
Ethna Graceful
Etilka Noble
Eunice good victory
Evana Queen, Beautiful, Peaceful, God is Gracious
Evangelin Angel
Eve Life
Evie Life
Evika Life
Ewa Life
Eyesis Goddess of war and sky
Ezimma The true beauty
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