Popular Christian Girl Baby Names Starting with 'A'

Popular Indian Christian girl baby names starting with the letter 'A' and their meanings. Unique Kerala Syrian Christian girl baby names that are popular and widely used.
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Modern Christian Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'A'

Aali Beautiful
Aalis Noble
Aaliyah High exalted, To ascend
Aaliyah High exalted, To ascend
Aanie Gracious,Merciful
Aanya Graceful,Goddess Durga
Abi Goddess of Saraswati
Abdiel Servant of God
Abeetha Gazelle
Abigail Father's joy
Abira Strong
Abrianna Mother of Many Nations
Achazia The Lord holds
Afila Intelligent
Aida Nobility
Ana Gracious,God's Favour
Aneesha One who is supreme
Anjo Light
Anu Silence,Beauty
Ada Happy
Adalia Just, Noble one
Adallyn Of The Nobility
Adamina daughter of the earth
Adena Delicate, Sensual
Adin Beautiful, Adorned
Adriel Fock of God
Adelaide Noble, Of Good Cheer
Agatha Good
Agnes Pure
Ahava Name of a river, Love
Aileen Light
Ailish Concecrated to god
Aiyanna Eternal blossom
Aizza Life
Akiva Protect
Alana Valuable,Precious
Alainna Attractive
Alana Valuable, Precious,Wonderful Light, Beautiful
Alda Rich
Alena Rock
Alenna The shining light
Alessia Defender
Alice Noble or kind
Alissa Truth, Noble
Alissha Truthful
Aliya Defender
Amisha Trustworthy
Aneta Gracious, Merciful, Grace, Favour, Mercy
Angel Fairy
Anke Grace
Ann Gracious
Anna Graceful, Happiness, Precious, Angel
Annabelle Joy
Anne Gracious
Annie Blessed with Grace
Annot Light
Araminta Lofty
Arashel Strong and protected hill
Ardice Flowering Field Ardith - Flowering Field
Arella Angel messenger
Ariel Lioness of god
Ariella Lion of God
Arleen A Pledge
Aryanna Very holy one
Asenka Graceful
Asha Hope,Life
Asisa Ripe
Astera Flower name
Atara A crown
Athalia The Lord is Mighty
Atira Prayer
Aurel Golden Angel
Aviva Springtime
Ayala Gazelle, Goat
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