Christian Girl Baby Names Starting with 'J'

Popular Indian Christian girl baby names starting with the letter 'J' and their meanings. Unique Kerala Syrian Christian girl baby names that are popular and widely used.
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Modern Christian Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'J'

Jacoba Supplant
Jada Wise
Jadyn God has heard
Jael One that ascends
Jamee Supplanter
Jane God is gracious
Janice God is Gracious
Janice God is Gracious
Janinne A funny
Janna Flourishing
Jasee Fearless
Jasmin A flower
Jasmine Fragrant flower
Jasmy God's Power
Jasper Treasure holder
Jehosheba God's oath
Jeana God is gracious
Jemima Handsome
Jenita God's grace
Jenciya Pretty
Jennifer Fair one, Pure and Yielding, White wave
Jenya Accurate
Jera Year
Jerusha Inheritance
Jeslin Wonderful
Jessica God's grace
Jewel Delight
Jezebel follower of idols
Jhara Princess
Joanna God is gracious
Jobina The persecuted
Jocelyne Joyous
Jodie Grace of God
Joes Dear One
Johanna God's Gracious Gift
Jolie Pretty
Jomisha Cute
Jemimah Beautiful
Jolene A form of josephine
Joy Happiness
Joya Cute, Happiness
Joycee One who brings joy to others
Judith The praise of the Lord, Confession
Judy Praise
Juily A flower
Julia Downy, Soft and tender hai
Juliet Down, Diminuative of Julia
Justina, Justine Righteous
Justinne True
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