Indian kids section and Parenting tips

Links to websites having lots of information for the kids and useful parenting tips.

Educational Sites

  • Ask Kids
    A website which provides resources to young children. This website provides a simple and fun way for children and parents to research different topics like science, maths, languages, etc.
  • Kids Know It
    A free learning network for young children. This website provides useful resources for parents and educators so that the children can be guided in a right way.
  • National Geographic kids
    A website which provides important facts and information about the world to kids.
  • CoolScience for Kids
    A website which shares cool facts and fun about science to children of all ages.
  • Astronomy for Kids
    A website which provides information about our solar system, the galaxies, etc.
  • StarFall
    A website which helps children to read. It consists a lot of ABC animations, animated interactive books and other reading exercises.

  • Teach me computers
    A Tutorial providing concepts about the basics of computers.
  • TechnoKids
    This website provides a set of technology projects designed for primary students.
  • Typing tutorial for kids
    A website which provides lessons and practice sessions to improve your child's typing style.
  • Tux Paint
    A website which provides a free drawing software for children.
kid watching computer

  • Brain Nook
    This website provides fun brain games which helps exploring the earth.
  • For kids
    A free games website for kids.
  • Kids Korner
    A cool website for kids where they can play many games.
  • Kids Mysteries
    A website which provides mysteries for kids to solve, magic tricks, etc.
  • KidzPage
  • A website which provides different activities, games and puzzles to solve for children.
  • Games Kids Play
    This website provides many ideas for games, rules for playground games and verses for jump-rope rhymes.
kid entertainment

  • Talking with kids
    A website for parents guiding them how they can talk to their kids about tough issues.
  • Kids Health
    This website provides information about kids' health to parents.
  • Parenting
    A website which provides different tips for parents.
kid parents

kid sports

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