Christian Girl Baby Names Starting with 'O'

Popular Indian Christian girl baby names starting with the letter 'O' and their meanings. Unique Kerala Syrian Christian girl baby names that are popular and widely used.
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Modern Christian Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'O'

Odalys Wealth
Odeda Strong
Odelia Little wealthy one
Odetta Wealth
Ohawna God's gracious gift
Oleena Shining
Olathe Beautiful
Oleevia Leaf
Olive Fruitfulness, Beauty, Dignity
Olivia A form of olga
Olyvia Elf army
Omuille Love
Ona River
Opaline Jewel
Ophelia Helpful Woman
Ophra A fawn
Ophrah Dust
Oriana Born at sunrise
Oralia Goldene
Orli You Are My Ligh , the light is mine
Orla Golden Princess
Orpah The neck or skull
Orva Brave Friend
Osma Divine Protector
Oswalda God's Power
Othelia Wealth
Owena Well Born
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