Popular Christian Boy Baby Names Starting with 'N'

Popular Indian Christian boy baby names starting with the letter 'N' and their meanings. Unique Kerala Syrian Christian boy baby names that are popular and widely used.
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Modern Christian Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'N'

Naade A boy who is born in royalty
Naaman Pleasant
Naasir Protector
Nabor The prophet’s light
Nacoma Lovable
Nadab Free and voluntary gift
Nadav Generous one
Nahum Comforter
Nain Pleasant,sweet
Napolean Lion of the new City
Nasiir Protector
Nasir Protector; helper
Nate Gift of god
Nathan God's gift
Nathanial Gift of god
Nathaniel Gift of god
Neal Leader, Champion
Nebojsa Without fear
Ned A familiar form of edward
Nehemiah Consoled by god Boy
Neill The champion
Nelson Literally Son Of Neil
Nero Powerful
Nevin Middle
Newman Newcomer
Newton New Town
Niccolas The victory of people
Nicholas Victory of the People
Nicky Victory of the people
Niel Sky
Nikkolai Victorious
Nikolai Victorious
Nilax A Name of Lord Shiv
Nixon Son Of Nick
Noam Pleasant friend
Noah Peaceful
Nollan A famous and noble man, a champion of the people
Norbert Brilliant Hero
Norton Nothern Town
Norvin Nothern Friend
Norward Protector oh the north
Nyle Island
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