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Becoming parents is one of the most wonderful experience for both parents and the entire family, to be welcoming a new family member. One goes through pregnancy, labor, giving birth to a baby and then you're ready to go home and begin a new life with your baby. Once you arrive home,as mother for the first time you might be extreme nervous and feel like you have no idea how to go about as a new parent!A baby’s care is often very hectic and overwhelming. Getting help after the birth of a child is best however you can learn few methods while you are in the hospital, like nursing, bottle-feeding. Nurses also are of great help to show you how to hold the baby, making the baby burp, change the nappies, and care for your baby.
"I will be spoiling the baby if I pick a new born baby up" - A myth The ancient parenting often mentions that if you carry your new born baby every time she cries you will be spoiling her and the baby will get used to carrying around. But today’s parents don’t agree. A new born baby has spent nine months inside the mother’s womb and post the birth the baby will want to feel the warmth of the mother to feel secure and safe, so its fine for a new born to be carried as often as it would like to be carried. However, this might be true for an older baby.

Crying Babies

Nowadays parents are responsible both fathers and mothers take extreme care by responding to them and spending time with the baby irrespective what age group the baby is. Crying baby is very distressing for any parent There may be several reasons why a baby cries. Sometimes the baby might be crying only to draw the attention or some kind of serious discomforts like wet diapers, Reflux, hunger, colic, incomplete sleep, anxiety or fear, indigestion. Continuous and strange crying can also be a sign of illness in a baby.

Crying Babies
  • Comforting the new born from crying
    There are many approaches to comfort a crying baby both traditional and new ways however its worth trying. First of all, one should recognize the basic problem for instance
  • Wet Nappies
    check on the nappy if that needs to be changed
  • Hunger
    if you think the baby is hungry try to feed the baby or maybe you will have to reposition the baby.
  • Lullaby to your Baby
    A lullaby from either of the parents does miracle with the crying and cranky babies. Babies often feel comforted by the voice.Alternatively, rhymes can be another way to soothe the baby.
  • A Warm Bath
    A warm bath soothes the nerves of the baby before bed time making them have good sleep.
  • A Tender Massage
    You can make the baby lie comfortably and massage gently with light warm oil so that the baby is relaxed and gets good sleep.
  • Swaddling
    Swaddling is one of the easier ways to calm down the babies, evenprofessionals suggest it.
  • Soothing Music
    Some of the research findings show that the babies tends to fall asleep and get comfortable when a light soothing music is playing.
  • Colic Cry
    Most of the new born have colic pain often, while they are trying get accustomed to the outside world. You need to rule out the possibility of colic and if its colic, then give her anti-colic drops that are prescribed by your doctor.
There is no such recommendedmethod or set actions to take to make babies stop crying.

Doctors need

When your baby's cry is without explanation,continuously where there no previous episode of such crying a lot can indicate illness in baby in such cases you can contact a doctor. You need to inform the doctor of the crying in detail intensity, pattern, and any differences from the normal kind.

Happy and cheerful baby

Babies often cry and look out for comforts in the mother and surroundings. If you are unable to comfort the baby by regular approaches, try different techniques every time
  • Feeding the baby well from time to time is the most important factor. A happy baby is one with stomach full with no indigestion issues.
  • Massaging the baby before the shower will help her get rid of stress and have a good sleep. Dressing the baby with appropriate clothes as per the climatic conditions also makes a baby feel comfortable.
  • A good well ventilated room, clean and hygienic.
  • A new face Struggling to comfort the crying babyineffectively, no matter how much the mother tries the baby doesn’t get comforted, by getting help by someone else like the other parent, other family member in the house will give the baby a change and mother a relief.
  • EntertainmentSome babies are not happy to just sit and watching as they get bored easily. Keeping them busy and making them a part of the daily routine by carrying them around while working, telling them what work are you doing, showing toys, something very colorful and attractive surroundings to keep them amused.Talk to your baby even if he does not understand, but the baby will feel that you are with the baby and attending him.
  • Getting some fresh air Some people believe that taking a new born or a small infant outside the house will cause allergy and infections in the polluted air, however taking your baby outdoors naturally improves the mood you can take the baby on a long drive, take the baby in a pram talking to the baby while walking. Even during the night times in the dark streetlights the and sound of traffic should make the baby laugh.
Do not leave the baby unattended you will need to attend the baby immediately.
Cheerful Baby

Burping after a feed for a baby

After feeding the baby making it burp is one of the important part of baby’s wellbeing. Babies often swallow air while getting fed. To avoid this situation, the mother can hold the bay upright from the head while feeding. If feeding in a bottle a correct size hole on the feeding bottle will help reduce the intake or air the baby. After feeding gently rub the back or apply little pressure to the baby’s abdomen to burp the baby to release the swallowed air

Shaken Baby Syndrome

A constant crying baby can make a mother frustrate. Most often parents rock the baby so energetically that the baby can get injured and often die due to this vigorous shaking which is shaken baby syndrome.
Shaking is not playing - While most of them think if you shake a crying baby in the form of play to make it quite, the intensity in which you shake may make the baby quiet and heads nodding around out of control. After few hours or days, you may notice that symptoms like baby is suddenly going silent, not moving too much like the usual, not making any sounds, unable to shake head from side to side contact your doctor immediately. As a parent you need to pull out all the patience you can to look after a baby.

Baby's Skin Care

Baby’s skin is very delicate and prone to all kind if rashes as it starts to getting used to the environment around.
  • Baby acne Most babies develop acne on the skin in the first few weeks of their birth and mothers often worry to see their baby with acne. These acnes will settle down once the skin metabolizes. Don’t treat it soap and scrubs. the acne will disappear after a few months so be patient your baby will have smooth, blemish-free skin.
  • Diaper Rash Using diaper nowadays is so convenient when compared to the traditional method of cloth nappies. However, these diapers also come with few issues like diaper rash, skin irritation causing burns and pain to the baby. Diaper rash is a common form of skin irritation which appears around the diaper area often caused by stool and urine and in some cases a baby can also be allergic to diaper, or to the cleanser used to wash a cloth diaper
    After every bowel movement wash the baby's buttocks with warm water and allow it to dry naturally in the air, apply a soothing cream to the affected area.
  • Protection against sun If you are taking the baby out in the sun who are less than 6 months old use protective sun block clothing. There is sunscreen also available for babies that you can use nowadays.
  • Insect bitesIn the recent times you get to her many diseases so you need to be very careful with the insect bites. Mosquitoes bites are very common and can cause dengue fever in children. Protect your baby with the right type of clothes and use insect repellentwhich can be put on clothes and body.
  • Detergents on cloths can cause rashes New born have very soft skin hence the detergents used for clothes must be soft. High detergents can cause rashes and irritate on the tender skin.
Skin Care for Newborn

Nappies for a Newborn

  • Cloths Nappies Clothes nappies are very comfortable and good for the skin of a new born baby. Cloth nappies are very easy to maintain they can be kept clean and soft by washing it carefully. And drying it in sun to get rid of harmful bacteria if any.
  • Disposable Nappies Are plenty in the market andare very easy to use them conveniently. Disposable nappies draw the dampness from the diaper and prevents the occurrence of nappy rash in the baby’s skin. Diapers are easy on maintenance just use and dispose.

Hair Care for Newborn

Hair Care for Newborn
All new born have very fragile and delicate hair irrespective of how the hair is. The scalp must be taken care properly so that the hair does not get fungal infections. Using a mild baby shampoo will help and need to be very careful on the central, soft portion of the baby’s head.
Mundan(shaving of hair)
Shaving baby’s head is an auspicious event in India. India and its culture is vibrant with many cultures and traditions followed here. These traditions and beliefs comes from the influence religion, region and even village from where they originate from.
Shaving baby's head is a tradition followed in many countries. Many follow this tradition as a belief that the regrown hair will be stronger and healthier than before. They believe that hair is very precious that gives face beauty and identity.
It is said that that if you shave the head of the newborn before it turns a year old it stimulates fast hair growth.
Cradle Cap
This is a condition of the hair scalp. this is a collection of dead skin and oily secretions on the infant's scalp which looks like dandruff. You should gently massage a baby oil into the scalp and shampoo the hair daily. In time the cradle cap will go and its harmless. If there is yeast infection along with the cradle cap, there can be discomfort but all will go away in time.
Remedies to treat new born Baby’s Cradle Cap
  • Gently apply some hair oil and brush the scalp softly so that the accumulated skin on the scalp falls off easily.
  • Brush the hair gently before and after shampooing your baby’s hair frequently.
  • Consult your pediatrician and buy medicated shampoo if it doesn’t go.
  • Watch out if the rashes have spread to different areas and your baby is uncomfortable visit your pediatrician for treatment.

Baby's Sleep

Every mother goes through this that when the child is born there is a lot of excitement initially, post which you will be undergoing huge hormonal changes, constant feedings and sleepless nights.
A new born baby will spend most of the time sleeping. Gradually they will adopt to one set of sleeping pattern, depending on the way you train your baby.
Baby Sleep
  • Normal Hours of Sleep for a new born
    First few months a baby sleeps most of the time it is said that a baby should sleep for an average of 16 hours a day however it not a set rule, its ok even if there is a difference. Duration of sleep always depends on each specific baby's amount of wakefulness. In new born babies there will be neurological developments going on hence they will not be able to sleep for the long hours at a stretch. Sleeping patters of babies differ greatly.
  • Naps during the day
    Naps during the day is very important and baby will require one or more naps even if the baby has slept through the night depending on the baby’s need. The naps can be short duration for as long as few hours.
  • Beginning of long sleeping hours at a stretch
    Every baby takes its own time to get into a sleeping pattern at bout the age of 5-9 months they start to sleep at a stretch for about 6-12 hours. However, there will be few babies who will continue taking naps and sleep at their own convenience. As they grow in time they will begin to have a set pattern.
    "Am I the only mother struggling to put my baby to sleep"- Cannot sleep through the Night
    Newborn babies have unpredictable sleeping patterns due to which mothers have sleepless nights causing lot of frustration and stress in mother’s life. Lot of time and attention is required with a sleepless baby. The only time the mothers get is when the baby sleeps to catch up friends, sleep and other personal care. Some babies sleep a lot, while others never seem to sleep.
    Few reasons for baby’s not sleeping at night
    • Some babies may feel most wakeful in the middle of the night as they just need less sleep.
    • Few babies don’t consume enough food during the day hence they wake up due to hunger at night.
    • Baby’s wake up at night sometimes due to illness or has an allergy.
    • In some cases, baby become hypersensitive, reacting to the smallest change in the environment around
  • Establishing a Night-time Sleep Pattern
    Establishing a night sleep pattern for a new born should be a step by step and a gradual process as they take time to adjust to the new environment. Responsibility lies within the parents to make the newborn feel loved and secure and safe in the surroundings. If this meant you have to attend to her 10 times in few hours at night to attend to the baby’s need, you have to.Parents must realize that the world is a mystifying place for the baby. Baby must learn to fall asleep on her own.
  • Teaching a baby, the difference between night and day
    Avoid darkening the room and decreasing the noise when the baby naps in the day. Try and make the baby sleep during day in outdoors or well ventilated rooms with bright sunlight coming inside. You can also make the baby sleep in a pram. Give the baby inspiring activities once the baby wakes up. At night make sure that the baby is relaxed and contented, darken the room and quite the surroundings. When she wakes up at night, attend to her needs and don’t distract in any other way.Make a clear difference between day and night.
  • Forcing a pattern
    It might have come from the traditional beliefs that keeping the baby awake during the day will make the baby sleep at night. A new born needs as much sleep as it can get.Keeping the baby awake during the day may not be a good thing to do however instead of that create an environment for the baby to sleep during the nights by turning off the lights and making the room quiet and during the day make the room bright by allowing the sunlight to fall inside.
  • Sleep Like A Baby
    • Warm bath Giving a baby a warm bath just before the sleeping time will make the baby sleep well. The generic process is giving a massage and a shower for the baby in the morning. Try to change the timings from day to night just before the sleep. Usually it is said that the baby will fall asleep sooner at night and will sleep longer as well.
    • Reaction Parents often react when they see a sleeping baby waking up. They try to tap the baby and put it back to sleep, try not to do that as it sometimes makes the baby wake up completely. Some babies wake up and fall asleep on their own. Waite and watch if the baby can put itself back to sleep if not then help the bay sleep by patting. You need to see what works best for babies.
    • Personal Bed Traditional Indian way is to make the baby sleep closer to the mother feeling the warm body to feel safe and secure, however this might be a reason why the baby wakes up more often due to movements in the bed. If you choose to put the baby in the crib the baby will have more place to move around and will sleep well with any disturbance.
    • Playtime Manage to set a playtime for the baby before you want the baby to sleep. Some babies get tired and sleep but in some cases the babies might get stimulated and take a lot of time to unwind to fall asleep. Its best to begin an hour or 2 two before the bedtime.
    • Feeding Try and make it a routine to feed the baby as much as you can during the day and night time reduce feeding if possible, try patting her and put the baby to sleep by this the baby will soon learn that day time is for feed and night time to rest it out. Post playing session, feed the baby well and make it sleep so that the baby sleep well. Schedule-Start to prepare for the bedtime for the baby at the same time every day. Set a schedule by putting the baby to sleep at the same time every night.
  • Mistakes Parents Make while Baby's Sleep Training
    Parenting can be overwhelming and very stressful. There is a constant effort to give the best for the kids. Sleeping is one of crucial time for a growing baby and developing a good sleep pattern is very essential for babies for their right growth and development.
    Trying to give the most appropriate growing up practices, todays parents are overloaded with information hence most of the parent’s land up making mistakes.
    1. Inducing sleep in the motion form
      Some children fall asleep when they are out in the car or in strollers as it gives the baby a motion. Few parents use this as a daily practice as it is easier to make the baby sleep, however getting a baby addicted to a motion sleep is not a good practice and they will not be able to sleep well at night on the bed.
    2. Late Bedtimes
      Early to bed and early to rise should be the practice that all parents should cultivate in their kids. Smaller kids below the age group of 12 years should not sleep later than 10.00pm and should sleep a minimum of 10 hours each day. Sleeping lesser than 10 hours of sleep will cause more fatigue for the kids, which will in turn make the kids very cranky and restless at night. Fixing a certain bedtime for your baby is a good practice.
    3. Using Overstimulation toys
      Children psychiatrists claim that babies always sleep better in a dark room which helps the brain rest completely. Keep away all toys with blinking lights, singing tunes toys, C. D’s and DVD’s which are very noisy is an unwanted addition during sleep time. Kids getting used to dark room is good while they are small as they will not have night time fear of dark rooms to sleep as they grow up.
    4. Sleeping in their own bed too Early
      Making the baby sleep next to the mother -a way of Indian culture is the best practice. Many psychiatrists say that kids are good in the same bed as mother until the age of 3 years as the babies won’t be ready to sleep on a bed on their own.
      Today’s parents influenced with western culture try to make the baby in their cribs super early and this leads to the kids developing irregular or disturbed sleep patterns. Kids lesser than the age group of 3 will not have intellectual development. They will not know the necessary self-control to stay inside the boundaries of the bed.
    With all the above information you must now be able to understand the common sleep pattern, Do’s and Don’ts which will make you be better equipped to avoid them.

Baby Massage

Baby birth is overwhelming and is a very thrilling situation for parents. Massaging a baby is the most elementary method of bonding for parents and children. Indian ancestors have made massaging an integral part in the life of newborn babiesfor ages and its continuous to be important. Massaging is useful for the overall development of babies, makes the bones stronger, healthy and builds stronger bond between parent and the child. Massaging also improves the digestive system and makes the baby flexible.
Massage the baby with good baby oil with giving a good smooth gentle strokes on the body. Massaging in the correct method is very crucial
Study on massaging in premature babies twenty premature babies were massaged thrice a day for fifteen minutes each in a study conducted at University of Miami Medical Centre. Massaging showed that the babies grew 47% more weight gain per day, more active and alert. When compared to babies who were not massaged showed more neurological development.
Commonly used oils
  • Coconut Oil
    In the southern parts of India the most widely used oil is coconut oil which is considered to be the finest oil for massaging babies. Coconut oil contains antibacterial and antiseptic elements that prevent skin infections caused to baby's skin.
  • Olive oil
    Olive oil was commonly more in Western countries. However, now the practices have been evolving, with the influence of western culture olive oil is used in India also.
  • Almond oil
    Almond oil contains Vitamin E in higher proportion when compared to that of coconut oil Applying almond oil ensures that the skin becomes goodglowing and soft skin. Also known as Badam oil.
  • Mustard oil
    Mustard oil comes with lot of traditional values which is used more in the Northern parts of India. Using mustard oil is good during winters and beneficial for hair as well as preventing skin infections.
  • Pure Ghee
    Using pure ghee helps to protect body from cold during winters when the climate is too cold. Massaging ghee will keep the body warm.
Massaging the baby till it becomes a year or two old is good for good overall development.

Bathing your baby

After a good massage bathing your baby is also an essential part of baby’s daily routine Most baby’s cry during their first few months of bathing. However, one should be careful while giving bath until the umbilical cord falls off and the navel heals completely or if a circumcision done, till it heals.
Assemble all the things required for the bath clothes, towels, bathing supplies. Never leave the baby alone while bathing. If you need to leave the bathroom, wrap the baby in a towel and take the baby with you. You can use mild, unscented baby soap and shampoo and a soft hair brush to stimulate the baby's scalp

Baby’s Laundry

Clothes come in direct contact with the baby’s skin. Taking care of baby’s clothes is very hectic task. Keeping Baby's clothes in hygienic condition and germ free is very important as the clothes come in close contact to baby's skin. You can find baby’s cheerful with comfortable clothes Some quick tips
  • Wash the baby’s clothes separately, don’t mix it with other clothes at home
  • Use mild detergent or soaps to wash your baby's clothes which are scents free
  • Use fabric softeners while washing as it keeps the clothes soft.
  • Always dry your baby's clothes in the sun as this kills if any germs and bacteria are on the clothes.
  • Soak your baby's clothes in warm water before washing.
  • Wash dirty cloth nappies separately. Always use hot water to wash them.

Baby Safety Products

Even before the child is born, going to be parents plan their future. Giving birth to a child indeed is a wonderful experience. Parents plan for the baby’sclothes, food, babycareer. Todays is the gadget world with lot of appliances, furniture’s, gadgets and expensive items around at home. So baby safety is the utmost priority when you have all these which can be harmful for the baby. It’s a great worry to parents to give the right things to the child.
Baby Safety Products
  • Outlet plugs and covers
    Kids become very impatient when you advise them not to touch certain things and they will be tempted to touch them and switches are one common point that all kids get attracted to. Having outlet plugs and covers will help you guard all the switches and plugs and can safeguard the bay from electric shocks. it can be a useful safety hazard.
  • Cushions for Furniture Corner
    Kids tend to fall while playing from the furniture and furniture’s have sharp edges which can be very hurting for the small kids hence covering the cushions for furniture corner are soft and have rounded edges which will help you to protect your child and parents can be stress free.
  • Window locks
    Window locks will keep the windows locked and keep the baby away from the window which don’t have any grills or protection.
  • Cabinet latches
    Cabinet latches are very helpful to rest assure that all the cabinets are secured. By using the cabinet latches you will be safeguarding the baby from harmful substances that may be there in the cabinets.
  • Drawer locks
    If the drawers inyour house is reachable by the child its safer to have the draw lockers. By locking the draw, you can be sure that your child is safe away from all the places where the baby should not be there.
  • Door lockers
    The baby mighty get pinched while closing the door hence you can use special door locks which are available in the market.
There are many more safety products that u can get in the market, however these are few most important. These safety products are easy, safe and of great help. Using baby safety products will ensure that you have prevented all the risks which may be caused unknowingly.

Piercing Baby's Ears

Piercing baby’s ear is a religious and cultural tradition of India. Ear piercing is like a ceremony for some, a rituals performed for newborns in India. There are lot of believes to piercing of ears few believe that piercing ears will keep the evil things off the baby. There is a scientific reason that it is good for healthy eyes. In today’s world most of parents get their baby’s ear pierce their ears for its aesthetic value.
Traditionally ear piercing is done in the first or the third year. Most parents believe ear piercingin the early months is better as the ear lobes are soft and there is less pain. Parents should take correct precautions when piercing baby’s ears to ensure that the baby’s ear is not infected. Check the ear lobes for few days until the piercing is healed.
The tips and guidance given in this article may help new mothers to a great extent.
Happy Motherhood
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