Indian Defence statistics

Indian Defence services, statistics and comparative information with selected nations. This is a publicly available information, we cannot guarantee it authenticity.
  • Per capita defence expenditure
  • Troops
  • Aircrafts
  • Top defence budget
  • Army
  • Navy
Per capita defence expenditure: The amount spent by a nation on its military per capita in a given year.

Per capita defence expenditure

Serial no. Country Military expenditure per capita (US dollars)
1 america flag  United states 2223.7
2 uk flag  United Kingdom 720.4
3 france flag  France 769.5
4 germany flag  Germany 590.0
5 japan flag  Japan 375.3
6 brazil flag  Brazil 127.7
7 china flag  China 182.1
8 india flag  India 52.1
9 pakisthan flag  Pakistan 47.4
10  bangladesh pakisthan flag  Bangladesh 26.7

Source: 2019 Listed by Wikipedia
Active military: The number of military personnel on active duty that are currently serving full-time in their military capacity.

Number of Active military

Serial no. Country Active military
1 china flag  China 2,035,000
2 america flag  United states 1,359,950
3 india flag  India 1,444,500
4 pakisthan flag  Pakistan 653,800
5 brazil flag  Brazil 334,500
6 japan flag  Japan 247,150
7 france flag  France 203,900
8 germany flag  Germany 179,400
9 uk flag  United Kingdom 148,350
10 bangladesh flag  Bangladesh 157,050

Source: Wikipedia (2019 edition of "The Military Balance")


Serial no. Country Aircraft Strength
1 america flag  United states 13,264
2 china flag  China 3,210
3 india flag  India 2,123
4 japan flag  Japan 1,561
5 pakisthan flag  Pakistan 1,372
6 france flag  France 1,229
7 uk flag  United Kingdom 733
8 brazil flag  Brazil 715
9 germany flag  Germany 712
10 bangladesh flag  Bangladesh 177

Source: 2020 Listed by Globalfire Power

Top defence budget

Rank Country Top defence budget
1 america flag  United states $732 billion
2 china flag  China $261 billion
3 saudi arabia flag  Saudi Arabia $61.9 billion
4 uk flag  United Kingdom $48.7 billion
5 russia flag  Russia $65.1 billion
6 india flag  India $71.1 billion
7 germany flag  Germany $49.3 billion
8 japan flag  Japan $47.6 billion
9 france flag  France $50.1 billion
10 south korea flag  South Korea $43.9 billion

Source: Wikipedia(2020 SIPRI Military Expenditure Database)

India's rank for largest armies

Rank Country Man Power
1 china flag  People's Republic of China 752,855,402
2 india flag  India 622,480,340
3 america flag  United States of America 144,872,845
4 pakistan flag  Pakistan 96,344,277
5 russian flag  Russian Federation 69,640,160
6 iran flag  Iran 47,946,553
7 egypt flag  Egypt 42,946,553
8 turkey flag  Turkey 41,847,478
9 republic of Korea flag  Republic of Korea 25,709,049
10 korea flag  Democratic People's Republic of Korea 13,045,878

Source: 2020 Listed by Globalfire Power

India's rank for largest navies

Rank Country Man Power
1 america flag  USA 336,978
2 china flag  China 240,000
3 russia flag  Russia 150,000
4 south korea flag  South Korea 70,000
5 India flag  India 67,252
6 france flag  France 36,331
7 mexico flag  Mexico 68,200
8 taiwan flag  Taiwan 53,000
9 turkey flag  Turkey 45,000
10 north korea flag  North Korea 60,000

Source: Wikipedia

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