India's performance in social development

India's performance in social development when compared to select nations in our neighbourhood and of interest around the globe. The indicators considered here are, the life expectancy, maternal mortality, infant mortality, calorie consumption, fertility rate, primary enrollment.


  • Life Expectancy
  • Infant Mortality
  • Energy Consumption
  • Fertility Rate
  • Maternity mortality ratio
Life expectancy is a measure of the average number of years a person born in a given country is expected to live if mortality rates at each age were to remain steady in the future.

Life Expectancy

Serial no. Country Life Expectancy (in years)
1 Japan flag  Japan 84.62
2 France flag  France 82.73
3 uk flag  United Kingdom 81.15
4 germany flag  Germany 81
5 america flag  United states 78.9
6 china flag  China 76.6
7 brazil flag  Brazil 75.92
8 bangladesh flag  Bangladesh 72.72
9 india flag  India 69.73
10 pakisthan flag  Pakistan 67.33

Source: World Health Organization (2020)
Infant mortality rate is the number of infants dying before reaching one year of age, per 1,000 live births in a given year.

Infant Mortality

Serial no. Country Infant Mortality (per 1,000 live births)
1 japan flag  Japan 1.684
2 france flag  France 2.890
3 germany flag  Germany 2.767
4 uk flag  United Kingdom 3.593
5 america flag  United states 5.681
6 china flag  China 9.295
7 brazil flag  Brazil 12.225
8 bangladesh flag  Bangladesh 24.73
9 india flag  India 29.848
10 pakisthan flag  Pakistan 59.109

Source: CIA World Factbook (As of 2020)
Energy consumption refers to the amount of food available for human consumption as estimated by the FAO Food Balance Sheets.

Energy Consumption Per Capita

Serial no. Country Energy consumption per capita (kilocalories)
1 america flag  United states 3,800
2 germany flag  Germany 3,540
3 france flag  France 3,530
4 uk flag  United Kingdom 3,450
5 brazil flag  Brazil 3,120
6 china flag  China 2,990
7 japan flag  Japan 2,800
8 india flag  India 2,360
9 pakisthan flag  Pakistan 2,280
10 bangladesh flag  Bangladesh 2,270

Source: Wikipedia (As of 2009-2011)
Fertility Rate is the average number of children that would be born to a woman over her lifetime

Fertility Rate

Serial no. Country Fertility Rate2)
1 Pakistan flag  Pakistan 3.6
2 india flag  India 2.35
3 Bangladesh flag  Bangladesh 2.11
4 france flag  France 2.06
5 america flag  United states 1.84
6 uk flag  United Kingdom 1.86
7 brazil flag  Brazil 1.73
8 china flag  China 1.6
9 germany flag  Germany 1.47
10 japan flag  Japan 1.43

Source: 2020 List by the CIA World Factbook
Maternal mortality refers to deaths due to complications from pregnancy or childbirth. This is the number of deaths for every thousand childbirths. A high maternal mortality is an indication of poor primary health care in the country.

Maternity mortality ratio

Serial no. Country Maternity mortality ratio
1 japan flag  Japan 5
2 germany flag  Germany 7
3 uk flag  United Kingdom 7
4 france  France 8
5 america  United states 19
6 france  China 29
7 bangladesh flag  Brazil 60
8 pakisthan flag  Pakistan 140
9 india flag  India 145
10 bangladesh flag  Bangladesh 173

Source: Macrotrends:(As of 2020)

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