Popular Muslim Girl Baby Names starting with 'Z'

Modern Muslim Girl Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'Z' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique Islamic girl baby names from the holy Quran for alphabet 'Z' that are popular across the world.
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Modern Muslim Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'Z'

Zaaba Gold
Zaafira Victorious, Successful
Zaahidah A lady who renounces this world and devotes herself fully to Allah
Zaain Beloved
Zababa Leader; Head; Chief
Zabeen Fair and beautiful
Zabi Flower
Zafia Pretty
Zafreen Victorious, Knowledgeable
Zafeera Always Successful
Zafira Victorious
Zahabia Golden
Zaheen Intelligent
Zaheerah Helper, Assistant
Zahia Great
Zahira Blossoming flower, Shinning
Zahra Beautiful
Zahyaa Bright
Zaib Beauty
Zaiba Adorned
Zaida Prosperous
Zaima Leader,Dignity
Zaira Blossom
Zakira Remembering
Zakia Bright,Pure
Zakya Purely Righteous
Zalfa Distinguished Woman
Zameena Holy river, Intelligent, Intellectual, Progressive, Productive
Zana Flow of Water
Zara Princess, Light
Zareen Golden
Zaria Princess,Sunrise
Zarina Golden
Zarka Blue eye
Zarwa Height
Zaya Hope,Faith
Zaura Life
Zayna Beauty
Zayne Pure,Love
Zayba Adornment, Beauty
Zeba Power of Jesus
Zena Moon,Fame
Zeenat Delicate
Zehba Gold
Zerina Princess
Zeeya Radiance
Zia Light
Ziah Light,Life
Zilal Shade; Shadow
Zina A Beauty
Ziya Source of Light
Zoeya Life
Zoha Morning Light
Zohra Blossom
Zohha Hope;Shining light
Zora Daybreak
Zoya Loving and caring
Zubaria Blooming flower
Zulema Peace
Zunairah Flower found in paradise
Zuri Beautiful
Zynah Beautiful
Zyva Brightness
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