Popular Muslim Girl Baby Names starting with 'I'

Modern Muslim Girl Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'I' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique Islamic girl baby names from the holy Quran for alphabet 'I' that are popular across the world.
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Modern Muslim Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'I'

Iba Pride
Ibadah Worship
Ibadat Worship
Ibrah Wisdom, advice
Ibrisam Silk
Ibriz Pure Gold
Ibtisam Smile
Ibtihaj Joy,delight
Ibthaj Joy
Ibtihaaj Joy
Ibtihal Prayer
Idala Victory
Idhar Fluff
Idrak Intellect
Ifa Satisfying
Iffah Purity
Iffat-Ara Decorator of chastity
Ifra Giving Happiness
Iftikar Thought
Iftikhar Pride
Ifza Protective Angel
Ijabo Hope
Ijlal Respect
Ikram Honour
Ikhlas Sincerity
Ilaaf Protection
Ilana Tender and Delicate
Ilham Inspiration
Ilhan Precious
Ilmeeyat Knowledge
Iltefat Kind
Iliya Belonging among the Noble
Ilisha Queen Of The Earth
Imani Faith
Imrana Population, Socialism
Imsaal Unique
Imthithal Polite
Imtiaz Antique
In'am Kindness
Injila Shine
Inaam Benefaction;Bestowal
Inaaya Gift of Allah
Inab Grape
Inas Socia
Inaya Concern
Indela Like Nightingale
Inga Powerful
Inseya Mysterious, Challenging, Intelligent, Narrated Hadith
Insha Creation
Inshirah Relief
Insiya Someone who remembers
Intessar Victory
Iqra To recite
Iraj Flower
Iram, Irem, Irum A Garden in Heaven
Irfana Believer
Irsa Rainbow
Islah Improvement
Isra Rainbow
Isbah Light
Isha Night Prayer
Ishana Ricch
Ishrat Happy
Ishaml Flower
Ishaal Heaven's Flower
Isir Strong
Isma Safeguarding
Ismat Pious, Honour, Protection
Ishya Spring
Istilah Agreement
Iyana Princess
Izdihar Blooming
Izma Higher poistion, Esteemed previledge and honour
Izza Respect
Izzah Powerful
Izzati Noble
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