Popular Muslim Girl Baby Names starting with 'L'

Modern Muslim Girl Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'L' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique Islamic girl baby names from the holy Quran for alphabet 'L' that are popular across the world.
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Modern Muslim Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'L'

Laaibah The prettiest women in all the jannats
Laaiqah Worthy
Laal Ruby
Labeeba Eloquent,Intelligent
Labeebah Wise
Lahifa Helper
Labibah Intelligent, Sensible
Labisah Wearer
Laiba Angel of heaven
Laiha Glitter
Lail Night
Lafiza As deep as the Sea
Laila Of the night
Lailuma Bright Moon-night
Laiq Deserving
Laiqa Smile
Laiqah Worthy, Deserving, Capable, Suitable
Lakhsha Glittering
Lakeshia Alive
Lalaa Shine, Glimmer, Shimmer
Lalee Gold,Ruby,Pearl
Lamah Brilliant
Lamees Pure silk
Lamiah Shine
Lamis Soft to the touch, Pure silk, Tender woman
Lana Soft, Gentle
Lanika The Best
Laraib Confident
Larifa Intelligent girl
Larmina Blue sky
Laseef Glitter
Lashirah Very Intelligent
Lateefa Gentle
Latifa Gentle, Kind
Latifa Gentle, Kind
Latifi Kind
Layali Nights
Layan Kind, Gentle
Lema Eye
Leem Peace
Leena Soft
Leilah Night
Liba Most Beautiful
Lilan Yodel
Lina Tender
Limees Delicate and soft to touch
Liyana Softness
Lu'lu Pearls
Lubanah Wish
Lubena Purity
Lujain, Lujaina Silver
Luftana Kind
Luna Moon
Lutf, Lutfiyah Delicate
Lutfana Kind, helper
Lu-Luah She was a Narrator of Hadith
Lyana Eye of the light
Lujayn Silver
Layyah Flexure
Lyla Night Beauty
Lyazzat Sweet
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