Popular Muslim Girl Baby Names starting with 'B'

Modern Muslim Girl Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'B' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique Islamic girl baby names from the holy Quran for alphabet 'B' that are popular across the world.
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Modern Muslim Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'B'

Baasima Smile
Badai Marvel
Badeeah Astonishing, Amazing, Wonder
Badeela Replacement
Badia Unique
Badira Moon and Moonlight
Badra Full moon
Baha Value
Bahaa Beauty, Shinning
Bahar Spring
Baheera Brilliant
Baheela A beautiful woman
Bahia Nice
Bahij Cheerful
Bahijah Happy
Bahira Brilliant
Bahaar Brave
Bahnaz The most lovable
Bahiya Beautiful
Bahja Happiness
Baiza Illuminated, Charming
Bajila Honored
Bakht Fate
Balqis The Name of the Queen of Sheba
Banafsaj Violent FLower
Banan Finger tips
Baano A princess
Banujah active mind (Daughter of al Mahdi)
Baraah Innocence
Barakah Blessing
Bareea Innocent, Blameless, Excelling, Originator
Bariah Excelling
Barika Bloom
Barirah Faithful
Barkat Blessing
Barkha Rain
Barzah She was a narrator of hadith
Basaaria Beautiful
Baseema Smilling
Basheera Joy
Basili Courageous
Basilah Brave
Basilah Brave
Basmah A smile
Basimah smiling
Batool True Devotee of Allah
Batrisyia Intelligent
Bazala Generous woman
Bazilah Clever, intelligent
Bazriqa Great
Baziriya One who sows seeds
Beenish Genius, Intelligent
Begum Queen
Benazir Unique
Benazair Incomparable
Bibi Lady of rank
Bilqis Queen of Sheeba
Binesh Clever
Birrah Good Deed
Binish Clever,Intelligent
Bisharah A narrator of Hadith
Bisma Smile
Bisar Beautiful
Bolour Crystal
Buhjah Joy, Delight
Bulbul Nightingale
Bushra Good omen
Busr Star
Busrah Glad tidings,Good news
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