Popular Muslim Boy Baby Names starting with T

Modern Muslim Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter T and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique Islamic boy baby names from the holy Quran for alphabet T that are popular across the world.
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Modern Muslim Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'T'

Taahid To console, to guard
Taair Bird
Taahir modest
Taariq Morning Star
Taanish Good
Taban Glittering
Tabassum Smiling
Tabish Brilliancy
Tabby Gazelle
Tahm Brave,Valiant
Tahar Virtuous
Taheem Pure
Tahleem Beauty
Taheer Pure,Clean
Tahseen Appreciation
Tahib Careful, Watchful
Tahir Virtuous
Tahin Creative, Unique, Intelligent, Genius, Logical, Wise
Tahsin Adornment
Taif Vision, Spectre
Tajwar King
Tafazzul kindness
Tali Rising
Talish Lord of the earth, Mountain
Tajim Respect
Tamim Complete, Strong
Tamir Rich
Tamjid Praise
Tanish Beautiful,Ambition
Tanveer Enlightened
Tanvir Enlightened, Rays of light
Taqi Pious
Taraz Powerful,Strong
Tareq Path
Tarik Morning Star,Neutron Star
Tarooq Star
Tasif Intelligent
Taseel Strong,Power
Taskin Peace
Tash King of Heart
Tauseef Success
Tavish Ocean, Gold, Heaven, Brilliant
Tawseef Praise
Tayyib Generous
Taymullah Servant of God
Tazam Be superior or elder
Tazeem Honor, Respect
Thaman Price
Tahmeed Praise
Thami Peaceful
Tippu A King
Tilal Amazing
Tipu Tiger
Tohid Obedient
Toma Twin, Palm Tree
Tooba Good News
Tosif Praise
Toti Parrot
Toqeer Respect
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