Popular Muslim Boy Baby Names starting with D

Modern Muslim Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter D and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique Islamic boy baby names fromthe holy Quran for alphabet D that are popular across the world.
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Modern Muslim Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'D'

Daaem Constant
Daaiyyah Inviter to Truth
Daaneesh Knowledge, Wisdom
Dabir Secretary
Daghfal Name of first Islamic geologist
Dadvar Judge
Dafiq Active
Dahab Gold
Daimumat Duration, Endurance
Dakhil Stranger
Dakan Obedient
Daleel Guide
Dalil Guide
Dameer Heart
Dani Close
Danish Wisdom
Darawesh Wealthy, Possesses a Lot
Darakhshan Bright
Darkan Perceptive
Darrak Intellignet
Darwish Holy man
Dastagir Brave
Dastgeer Helper, Supporter
Daulah Power
Daulat Wealth
Dawar Another name for god
Dawid Prince
Dawlah Happiness
Dawood A Prophet
Dhakaa Deep Insight, Sharpness of Mind
Dhakir One who Praises Allah (Dikr)
Dhakiy Intelligent, Bright
Dhan Wealth
Dhamin Responsible, Guarantor
Dhamir Heart, Conscience
Dhukaa Dawn, Morning, The Sun
Dhul fiqar Name of the Prophets sword
Din Belief
Dihyat A companion of Prophet Muhammed
Dilawar/td> Brave
Delshad/td> Happy
Dilshaan/td> Glory of Heart
Dilbar Lover
Dildar Lover, Beloved, Friend, Charming, King of Heart, A King
Dirbas Lion
Diya al din Brightness of faith
Diyari A Gift, A Present
Dizhwar Strong
Djamel Beauty
Durabah Courage, Boldness
Dulamah Tall and Black
Durrah A companion of Prophet Muhammed
Dwivedi Knower of Two Vedas
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