Popular Muslim Boy Baby Names starting with J

Modern Muslim Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter J and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique Islamic boy baby names fromthe holy Quran for alphabet J that are popular across the world.
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Modern Muslim Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'J'

Jaabir Consoler,comforter
Jaamil Beautiful
Jaan Life
Jaafar Rivulet
Jan muhammad Life of Muhammad
Janasheen Successor
Jaleed Powerful
Jabbar Brave
Jabari A valiant man
Jabir Consolation
Jaboor Strong
Jad Allah Gift of God
Jafar Stream
Jaffer Flowing water
Jahlil Majestic, God-like
Jahmal Handsome
Jaish Excellent
Jalal Greatness
jalil Superb
JamaalUddeen Beauty of the faith
Jamael Handsome
Jamal Handsome
Jamesha Beautiful leader
Jamil Beautiful, lovely
Jarad Liberal
Jarah Sweetness
Jari Powerful, brave
Jasham Eagle
Jasmir Strong
Jasim Strong
Jasser Fearless
Jauhar Pearl
Javed immortal
Jazib Attractive
Jawdan Goodness
Jawhar Jewel
Jehfil Strong
Jemal Handsome
Jericho City of moon
Jibril Archangel of allah(gabriel)
Jibran Reward
Jihad Holy War
Jnhih Sun
Jumal Good Looking
Junaid Warrior
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