Popular Muslim Boy Baby Names starting with F

Modern Muslim Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter F and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique Islamic boy baby names fromthe holy Quran for alphabet F that are popular across the world.
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Modern Muslim Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'F'

Faadhil A generous personality
Faahim Intelligent
Faaiz Successful
Faakhir Proud, Excellent
Faaris Horseman,knight
Faaz Successful
Fadi Saviour
Fadil Generous, honorable
Fadl ullah The excellence of god
Fadl Outstanding, Honourable, Gracious, Reward, Favour, Virtuous, Generous
Fady Sacrificer , Saviour
Faeq Surpassing, Excellent
Faheem Understanding,Keen to learn new things
Fahimuddin Practical attitude in life
Fahmi Intelligent
Faiq Outstanding
Faisal Resolute
Fayaz Victory
Fayyaz Generous
Fawz Extremely generous
Faiz Winner
Faiyaz Artistic
Faizal One who is decisive
Faizan Abundance
Faizeen Honest
Fazeel Praiseworthy
Fakhir Excellent
Fakhrul Proud
Falah Success
Faraz Ascent,height
Fardan Unique
Fareed Unique
Farees Intelligent
Farid Unique,matchless
Farhan Happy
Farmanullah Order of Allah
Fravash Guardian angel
Faraj Cure
Farzan Wise
Fatir Creator
Fawaz winner,successful
Fawzan Victorious
Fazil Generous
Ferran Baker
Feroz Shining
Fizan Breeze
Fouad Heart
Furud Unique, Single, Alone
Fudail Excellent in character
Futuh Victories, Conquests, Plural of Fatah
Fuwad Heart, Mind, Soul
Fuyum Strong Men
Fuqqah Flower, Bud
Fuzail Successful Person
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