Popular Muslim Boy Baby Names starting with L

Modern Muslim Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter L and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique Islamic boy baby names from the holy Quran for alphabet L that are popular across the world.
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Modern Muslim Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'L'

Labeeb Intelligent
Labib Sensible, intelligent
Labis Wearer,Coverer
Lablab Ivy
Labhan Truth
Laham Wisdom
Lahan Music
Lahiq White-colored
Laifq All Time Happy
Lais King of Jungle, Lion
Laith Lion
Laiq Worthy, Deserving, Capable, Decent
Laman A bright and happy man
Lami Shining
Lamih Light
Laraib Faultless, pure
Laskhar Soilder
Lasani Incomparable
Lateef Gentle
Latheef A bright and happy man
Latif Gentle,Kind
Layeeq Worthy,capable,clever
Layyin Tender, resilient
Layzal immortal
Lazhar Very Clear, Very White
Lazim Compulsory
Lian Honest, Soft
Liban Successful
Limazah He was a narrator of hadith
Lotfi Soft
Luay Strong
Lukman Wise
Luqman A prophet's name
Lutfi Kind
Luwai Sweet Person
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