Popular Muslim Boy Baby Names starting with M

Modern Muslim Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter M and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique Islamic boy baby names from the holy Quran for alphabet M that are popular across the world.
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Modern Muslim Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'M'

Maab Place of Recourse
Maahir Skilled
Maajid Glorious, Noble
Maali Greatness
Maaz Brave Man
Maazin Proper name
Maazur Blameless
Ma'shooq Beloved
Mabruk Blessed
Madani Civilised
Madyan Name of a holy place in Saudi Arabia
Mafi Forgive
Mahbub Dear, Beloved
Mahad Great
Mahdi Guided by God
Maher Generous
Mahib Another name for god, Lion, Brave
Mahid bringer of ease
Maheen Guided to the right path
Mahmood Praised
Mahmoud The praised one
Mahsub Measured
Mahaboob Proper name
Maimun Auspicious, Prosperous
Majdi Glorious
Makaarim Good and Honorable
Makin Strong, firm
Malang Mystic, Saint
Malih Handsome
Malik Master
Maluf Familiar, Popular
Man'nah Angel's food
Mansoor Defended
Manus Friendly, Sociable, Polite
Manzir Warner
Manzoor Accepted
Maqbool Popular
Maqsud Intended
Maraam Aspiration, Wish, Desire
Marzuq Fortunate
Marshal kindness
Maruf Favour, Kindness, Famous
Masarrat Happiness, delight
Mashaal Light
Masood Lucky
Masoud Happy; lucky
Masrur Pleased
Massoud Fortunate
Matin Having great strength
Meer Leader
Meezan Scales
Mehmed Praised
Mehtab Moon
Mesich Praise
Mibsam Much smiling
Mirzan King
Misbah Lamp, Light
Misfar Brightest
Mishal Torch
Mishkat A shelf to put the lanterns on
Moez Loving
Mohammed Praised
Mohi Reviver, Love
Mohsin Gentle
Mohamad Praiseworthy and glorified
Moin Helpful
Moiz One who Gives Protection, Protected
Mosa Graceful, Prophet
Mounir Light, sunlight
Moustafa The chosen one
Muath Protected
Muaz protected
Mubajjal Glorified, Honourable
Mubarak Happy, blessed
Mubashir The bringer of good news
Mudasir Handsome
Muhammad Name of the Prophet
Muhallil Testimony of Faith
Muhib One who is noble and lovable
Mujeeb Responder
Mukarram Honoured, Revered
Mukhtar Chosen
Murshid adviser
Mubashir Spreader of good news
Munir Shining
Munna Young lovable boy
Murtaza The generous
Mu'tazz One who is proud, Mighty
Muzaffar victorious
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