Bajaj Allianz Motor Insurance


Technology has made our daily life simpler in various ways. Motor vehicle is an invention which has made daily commuting easy. It is convenient and fast and saves our time. Though it is easy to own a vehicle it is expensive maintaining a motor vehicle especially in case of damage caused to your vehicle due to some unavoidable circumstances or accidents. Bajaj Allianz's Motor Vehicle policy helps you in maintaining your vehicle in such situations.

What does the Bajaj Allianz Motor Policy cover?

The policy offers the following scope of Cover :

What are the Optional Extensions?

The extensions that can be opted for are as follows :
  • Assured best deals on your Motor Insurance
  • Fair and Faster claims settlement
  • Instant online renewal and issuance of your Motor Policy
  • Quick service on breakdown/accident with instant claim status updates
  • For claims free experience, discount available on subsequent renewal.
  • Discount available if voluntary excess opted for
  • Discount available for membership with approved automobile association
  • Discount available for installing approved anti-theft device
  • Depreciation, for the parts needing replacement in the accident is defined
  • 24x7 customer assistance for all product queries and claims information.
  • Save on your Motor Insurance policy.
  • Cashless claims at over 1500 Preferred Bajaj Allianz workshops pan India, 75% on account payment when cashless facility is not available
  • Transfer your existing No Claim Bonus from any Insurance provider ranging from 20% - 50%
  • 0% EMI option available on payment through Citibank Credit Card.
  • Instant claims assistance and instant updates on your claim status on sms though our 24x7 call centers
  • Towing facility in an event of a breakdown/accident
  • 24/7 service by phone or online-even on holidays
  • Huge savings with a comprehensive coverage for your vehicle
  • Preferred workshops give you access to hassle free inspection, high service standards and cashless settlement of claims in event of an accident/breakdown.
  • Carry your fortune for being a safe driver and earn discounts on Own damage premium for back to back accident free years on an existing car or on any car which you upgrade to
  • Instant online policy renewal and issuance in just 4 easy steps that allows you to have a peace of mind for another year.
  • With a 24x7 assistance you can be sure we'll be there for you whenever you need us.

What does the policy not cover?
The General Exclusions are as listed below :
  • Any accidents outside the geographical area
  • Consequential loss, normal wear and tear
  • Driving without a valid licence for that class of vehicle. Driving under the influence of liquor / drugs.
  • Vehicle not being used as per Limitations to use.