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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, international travel involves risk. Medical treatment abroad can be expensive & one never knows, when one would require it. There are other difficult situations also, that one might face like loss of passport or baggage. Bajaj Allianz's Travel products are designed to help you deal with such situations while overseas travel.

In case of any claim or assistance abroad call Bajaj Allianz helpline numbers

Originating Country Dialled Number
INDIA (Pune) non tollfree 24 x 7 +91- 20-30305858
USA (001) 18665876903
Canada (001) 18669143705
Australia (061) 0011+800 10002005
UK (044) 00+800 10002005
Austria (043) 00+800 10002005
Belgium (032) 00+800 10002005
Denmark (045) 00+800 10002005
France (033) 00+800 10002005
Germany (049) 00+800 10002005
Hungary (036) 00+800 10002005
Ireland (353) 00+800 10002005
Italy (039) 00+800 10002005
Malaysia (060) 00+800 10002005
Netherlands (031) 00+800 10002005
New Zealand (064) 00+800 10002005
Norway (047) 00+800 10002005
Philippines (063) 00+800 10002005
Portugal (351) 00+800 10002005
Spain (034) 00+800 10002005
Sweden (046) 00+800 10002005
Switzerland(041) 00+800 10002005
Hong Kong (852) 001+800 10002005
Singapore (065) 001+800 10002005
So. Korea (082) - Carrier Telecom 001+800 10002005
Thailand (066) 001+800 10002005
Finland (358) - Carrier Elisa 999+800 10002005
Finland (358) - Carrier TS 999+800 10002005
Israel (972) 014+800 10002005
Japan (081) - Carrier IDC 0061-010+800 10002005
Japan (081)-carrier KDD 001-010+800 10002005
Japan (081)-carrier NTT 0033-010+800 10002005
Japan (081)-carrier Tele 0041-010+800 10002005
So. Korea (082)-carrier Dacom 002+800 10002005

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Mr. Anshul Nijhawan, Head Travel Services at Bajaj Allianz says NRIOL and bajaj allianz have been working together for quite sometime now and NRIOL has successfully delivered seamless customer service by making available bajaj allianz travel insurance products to its customers online".