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Travel insurance for schengen visa from India

Travelers to Schengen countries get quotes of available travel insurance plans which satisfy Schengen visa requirements.

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance coverage for Covid 19, Bajaj Allianz Covid 19 travel insurance

  • COVID-19 cover shall be allowed max 10,000 USD sub-limited, within the medical expenses sum insured for age upto 70 years and 3000 USD for age above 70 years. This is for hospitalisation cover subject to positive covid report.
  • For Home Quarantine cover restricted to 3000 USD irrespective of age, subject to positive covid report.
  • Covid medical Report with NEGATIVE conducted within 72 hours of travel to be produced at time of Claim and will be mandatory claim document.
  • In case no Covid report available, then Covid-19 covered after 7 days from the date of landing on the destination (outside India) for new policies. This waiting period is not applicable for policy holders on extension for insured already abroad and extending in continuity before expiry of current policy. For any extension of our own policies with break-in period then waiting period of 7 days to apply from date of acceptance of such extension for covid cover as above.
  • Person having any complaints prior to travel or in close contact with COVID-19 positive patient in last 14 days prior to travel date , he/she shall not be eligible for any claim related to COVID-19
  • Above guidelines to be applicable for retail travel, CFT and group policies with max cover for 180 day incl student policies for one year.
Bajaj Allianz covid insurance for international travel
Bajaj Allianz travel insurance
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Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Review

Sum Insured
USD 50,000/ 100,000/250,000/500,000
Tenure Options
180 days( can be extended for further)
Age of Entry
180 days to 99 years

Bajaj Travel insurance extension/renewal while outside India

Indian overseas travelers who are stranded outside India due to coronavirus and are unable to travel back want to extend or renew Bajaj Allianz travel insurance online. These travelers can complete the Bajaj Allianz international travel insurance renewal request form online and we will try to get an approval for you.

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How to buy online Bajaj travel insurance?

You can buy insurance online by using a credit/debit card, direct funds transfer using NEFT or RTGS or by using a cheque.

Traveler outside India

Travelers who have already traveled from India and do not have insurance can buy Bajaj Allianz travel medical insurance.

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance brochure

Download Bajaj Allianz travel insurance soft copy for overseas travel!

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance claim

In case of Claim or reimbursement of treatment expenses, notify Bajaj Allianz travel health insurance.

Bajaj Allianz overseas travel insurance FAQ

Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Bajaj Allianz overseas travel health insurance.

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance renewal

Insurance customers can renew their existing policy online before the exipry date at any time.


The following Bajaj Allianz plans satisfies VFS Global requirements for the schengen visa

Schengen Travel insurance

Bajaj Allianz Schengen Travel insurance from India - Overview

Indian tourists traveling to multiple countries in Europe which include any of the Schengen countries can buy the VFS Global approved Bajaj Allianz Travel insurance for Schengen visa. The minimum $50,000 plan will satisfy your Schengen visa requirements however you can always opt for a higher sum insured.

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance satisfies Schengen Visa requirements

  • Mandatory representative bureau of the insurance provider in Europe.
  • At least EUR 30,000 coverage for Medical Evacuation and Repatriation.
  • Validity of the travel medical insurance must be for the entire stay in Austria.

Bajaj Allianz Schengen Visa travel insurance frequently asked questions

Is travel insurance required for Europe?

As an Indian citizens, you will need a visa for traveling to Europe (Schengen visa), therefore the Europe travel insurance is necessary for applying for the Schengen visa. The Europe visa travel insurance requirement is a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros. Beyond the mandatory need of Indian travel insurance for the schengen visa, given the cost of high healthcare in Europe, and that domestic Indian health insurance offers little health insurance outside India, it is strongly recommended to buy ‪30000 Euro Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance for Europe from India.

Indian travelers to Europe need the Schengen visa insurance and they can buy Bajaj Allianz Schengen visa travel insurance on our website. Our Europe visa travel insurance facility displays the travel insurance that satisfy Schengen visa consulate requirements. Once you complete buying the Bajaj Allianz travel medical insurance for Schengen visa from India, we will email the required travel insurance document which you can submit while applying for the Schengen visa.

The cost for the 30,000 Euro Bajaj Allianz schengen travel insurance varies depending on the age of the traveler and the duration of coverage required. The older the traveler the higher is the cost. The longer the duration of Europe travel insurance required, the greater will be the cost.

Yes, the minimum $50,000 coverage will satisfy the Schengen visa requirements.

Once you and / or family have decided for a trip to Schengen country. Then you can purchase the policy at Schengen travel insurance.

You can renew the Bajaj Allianz policy online. Fill the relevant details of the current existing policy and claims information (if any)and submit the form online. Our insurance advisors will then try to get approval based on the filled details. The policy holder will be updated on the approval or rejection of the renewal request as early as possible (maximum 1 working day). if approved the policy holder will be sent a buy url where he / she can pay online and renew his policy.

Yes you can extend your travel insurance while being abroad. Fill the Bajaj Allianz insurance policy renewal form so that our insurance advisors will help you to renew your policy.

Travel policies can initially be purchased for 6 months and can be renewed for another 6 months provided that the policy holder is in good health, no claims on the existing policy and the policy has not expired. If the policy has expired or has any claims then renewal is based on approval from the insurance head office.

Schengen travel insurance by Bajaj Allianz travel insurance

Indian tourists travelling overseas can get the complete travel insurance quotes using the Bajaj travel insurance premium chart. Tourists can also complete an online Bajaj travel insurance proposal form as well as renew or extend an existing Bajaj Allianz visitor insurance policy using Bajaj Allianz travel insurance schengen extension on expiry. International tourists can purchase the Bajaj Travel insurance online either using our Credit Card purchase, Net banking, Mobile wallet or Cheque payment facilities. Bajaj Allianz also satisfies Schengen visa requirements for travel to Europe. Please read through Bajaj Allianz travel insurance brochure for complete benefits covered by the plan and its policy wordings which includes the terms and conditions.
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Bajaj Allianz offers four overseas travel plans

  • All travelers older than 6 months are eligible ( up to age 99 years).
  • Covers up to $1,000,000 till age 70 and $50,000 for 70+.
  • Hospitalization expenses is cashless after deductible
  • Out Patient medical expenses and pharmacy bills are reimbursed
  • Travelers between 6 months and 85 years eligible for this plan.
  • Covers up to $5,00,000 till age 70 and $50,000 for 70+.
  • Hospitalization expenses is cashless after deductible
  • Out Patient medical expenses and pharmacy bills are reimbursed
  • Travelers between 6 months and 70 years eligible for this plan.
  • Includes limited coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • Covers up to $5,00,000 till age 60 and $50,000 for 60+.
  • Hospitalization expenses is cashless after deductible
  • Out Patient medical expenses and pharmacy bills are reimbursed
  • Travelers between 6 months and 70 years eligible for this plan.
  • Most Affordable among Bajaj travel insurance plans
  • Covers up to $5,00,000 till age 60 and $50,000 for 60+.
  • Hospitalization expenses is cashless
  • Out Patient medical expenses and pharmacy bills are reimbursed

Types of Schengen visa

Schengen flag

Short term Schengen visa

A Schengen Short Stay visa allows the visa holder who does not have a residence permit, to stay in the Schengen region for a total uninterrupted period that does not exceed 90 days in every six months since the first entry date.
  • A Business visa is issued to anyone doing business in the Schengen region.
  • A Visitor visa is issued to one who is visiting family or friends in the Schengen region. The host who has invited the visitor has to provide a financial guarantee on behalf of the visitor.
  • Work visa is for people who wish to work in the Schengen region for not more than 90 days or up to 3 months. For this a Confirmation of the Labour Market Service (AMS) is required.
  • Tourist visa is issued for anyone visiting the Schengen region for leisure travel or tourism.
Schengen flag

Long term Schengen visa

Long term visa for stay between 91 to 180 days - Visa D
  • A Visitor visa is issued for those visiting family / friend in the Schengen region. The host inviting the visitor has to provide a financial guarantee on behalf of the applicant for this visitor visa requested for more than 90 days and up to 6 months.
  • Work visa is issued to people who want to travel to the Schengen region for work for more than 90 days and up to 6 months. For this a Confirmation of the Labour Market Service (AMS) is mandatory.
  • Student visas are given to legitimate students to their education at recognized educational institutions in the Schengen region for more than 90 days and up to 6 months. This visa is a multiple entry visa and is valid for the duration of study as approved by the educational institution in the Schengen region.

How to apply for Schengen visa from India?

Valid passport

A valid passport with a minimum of 3 months validity after the scheduled end of travel date. There should be at least two blank pages, one page for the Schengen Visa sticker and one other page for the Indian and Schengen country immigration stamps.

Passport photographs

Two recent passport photographs for biometrics. The passport photo has specific dimensions of 35 mm in length and 45 mm in height. The face itself should be between 32 mm to 36 mm.

Proof of financial status

Documents with Proof of financial status. (a) This could be employer payslips for three months, or an employment contract. (b) Personal bank statement for the previous Six months. Ensure that there is no recent large deposit to inflate available funds. If you are being sponsored by somebody else, like a parent, make sure that you have a sponsorship letter from the sponsor as well as the Sponsors bank statement. (c) Income tax returns (ITR) or Form 16 for the past Three years

Proof of accomodation

Proof of accomodation for the complete stay in the Schengen region. This is usually confirmed hotel reservation or if you are staying with family or friends, you need an invitation letter from them along with a copy of their legal residence permit status in the Schengen region

Travel documents

This includes valid flight reservations and any train or bus bookings for travel across any international borders

Schengen visa travel insurance

The Schengen consulates have clearly defined the required of travel insurance for visiting the Schengen region. The travel insurance must cover the traveler for a minimum of Euro 30,000 in the event of hospitalization and must include cover for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. Given here is a list of approved travel insurance companies for travel to the Schengen region

Complete application

Last but not the least, the applicant must provide a completed application form along with a cover letter (Some consulates allow you to complete an online application). The cover letter addressed to the consulate should state the purpose of the visit (holiday, visiting family etc..), provide a detailed itinerary and if you are being sponsored for the trip, the relationship with the sponsor as well as the reason for the sponsoring.

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