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Indian travelers can enter your details in the Bajaj Allianz travel insurance proposal form to buy affordable travel medical insurance for overseas travel. Travellers can compare coverage details and quotes of the different Bajaj Allianz travel insurance plans available and buy the best one suitable for their requirements. Overseas travellers can download Bajaj-Allianz Travel-Assist proposal form, Bajaj Allianz Travel Companion Proposal Form, Travel Companion Proposal Form to buy the Bajaj Allianz insurance online. Bajaj travel insurance is ideal and popular among Indians visiting the United States, the UK, Schengen countries, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Thailand and many other countries worldwide.

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Bajaj Allianz frequently asked questions?

Is Bajaj Allianz travel insurance a cashless travel health insurance?
Yes, after a standard deductible Bajaj Allianz travel health insurance provides cashless medical claims if the policy holder stays for more than 24 hours in the hospital. In insurance company do a reimbursement of claims wherever cashless claims is not possible. The claims are settled as per terms and conditions of the policy schedule.

What is the maximum coverage that Bajaj Allianz travel health insurance offers for 70+ senior citizens?
Senior citizens who are 71 years and above can avail a maximum coverage of $50,000.

Does Bajaj Allianz travel health insurance cover outpatient medical expenses?
Yes, initially the policy holder has to bear all the medical expenses from his / her pocket and later file for reimbursement. The insurance company will reimburse all eligible outpatient medical expenses after a standard deductible.

What is the maximum duration Bajaj Allianz travel health insurance be purchased?
Bajaj Allianz travel health insurance can be initially be purchased for a maximum of 6 months and later on can be renewed for another 6 months. Renewal is based on good health, no claims and approval from the head office.

What are the exclusions of Bajaj Allianz travel insurance?

The general exclusions of the Bajaj Allianz travel insurance are as follows

  • Traveling against the advice of the physician.
  • Traveling overseas for the purpose of obtaining treatment
  • Any pre-existing condition or any complication arising from it unless mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • Any willful, malicious, criminal or unlawful act, error, or omission.
  • Does not cover risks directly or indirectly associated with travel in, to, or through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, N Korea, Maldives, similar terror and politically disturbed countries.
  • Adventure sports and professional sports.
  • War and many more.

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