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Bajaj-Allianz Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is designed to protect the travellers against unforeseen medical and non-medical emergencies under its various plans. A global pandemic, COVID-19 has added a new layer of complexity to travel insurance that can affect travel plans.

All international travel insurance plans from Bajaj Allianz now include coverage for covid-19 related issues. Bajaj Allianz travel insurance covers covid-19 up to sum insured for all age group of travellers. This policy covers emergency medical expenses arising due to covid-19 during quarantine period when you are outside India. While accommodation and non-medical expenses during quarantine period are not covered.

If you are planning to travel during this covid pandemic, it is important to purchase an insurance which covers all covid-19 related expenses during your course of your journey. Check the latest travel restrictions and regulations for your destination, as these may change frequently due to the evolving nature of the pandemic. Also please go through the terms and conditions of the policy to know what is covered and what is not covered or get in touch with our insurance advisor who will clarify your queries and will guide to purchase the best travel insurance online.

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance review

Sum Insured

USD 50,000/ 1Lakha / 2Lakhs / 5Lakhs / 7.5Lakhs / 10Lakhs

Coverage period

180 days (can be extended for further)


6 months to upto 99 years

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance coverage for Covid19

  • Covid -19 is covered up to the Sum Insured for all the ages.
  • This policy covers medical expenses arising out of Covid-19 outside India, including Medical expenses incurred during Quarantine subject to the policy terms and conditions.
  • Accommodation and non-medical expenses arising during Quarantine period are excluded.
Bajaj Allianz covid insurance for international travel

Bajaj Travel insurance extension / renewal while outside India

Travelers who have travelled from India to foreign countries with a valid travel insurance policy from Bajaj Allianz and who are extending their stay in overseas have to renew / extend their insurance to enjoy continuous worry free insurance cover. The reason for extended stay in overseas might be different from one traveler to the other.

Here are the simple steps to renew travel insurance online.
  • Click the url extend or renew Bajaj Allianz travel insurance online.
  • Fill the renewal form with correct information and click on submit.
  • Once you submit the form successfully, our insurance advisors will receive the filled renewal form online.
  • Your filled form will be then sent for approval to the head office.
  • Renewal request approved / rejected in the head office in couple of hours (maximum 1 working day).
  • If your policy renewal request is approved, then we will send you a new link where you can pay the premium for the policy renewal.
  • Once payment is success you will get your renewed policy.
  • In case if your renewal request is rejected due to some reasons, our insurance advisors will get in touch with you to suggest you alternative insurance (if any).

Bajaj Allianz India travel insurance - FAQ's

Does travel insurance cover COVID-19-related issues? Can you get travel insurance to cover COVID-19?

Yes you can get travel insurance to cover Covid-19 related issues. Bajaj Allianz travel insurance covers covid 19 medical expenses up to sum insured independent of the age of the insured person.

Yes, obviously there will be exclusions related to covid-19 cover in travel insurance policies depending on the insurance company chosen. The general exclusions related to covid-19 in Bajaj Allianz travel insurance plans is it does not cover non-medical and accommodation expenses arising during quarantine period. It does not cover who are already having covid-19 and want to buy the policy. It does not cover high risk countries due to pandemic. These exclusion might change from time to time. Please get the updated exclusions before your trip.

No, most of the travel insurance policies do not cover trip cancellations if you cancel your trip due to fear of covid-19. However, some policies may offer coverage for cancellations due to government travel advisories or if the traveller becomes sick with COVID-19. But these terms and conditions might change from time to time and according to the pandemic situation. It is advisable to get the updated information before your trip.

If you become sick with COVID-19 while traveling, you should contact your assistance service company as early as possible so that they can assist you and per your plans terms and conditions.

Some of the general restrictions on travel insurance coverage for covid-19 could be

  • If the traveller is already affected with covid-19 before the start of the journey.
  • Travel restrictions to certain countries due to high risk pandemic in the destination where you are travelling.

It is advisable to get the updated information before your trip.

Usually the answer is no. The insurance company does not cover the cost of covid-19 testing before or after travel. However it is good the latest information before you start your trip, as the rules might change depending on the pandemic situation.

Yes, Bajaj Allianz covers Medical Expenses incurred during Quarantine period subject to the policy terms and conditions. Accommodation and non-medical incidental expenses arising during Quarantine period stand excluded.

Bajaj Allianz covers Medical Expenses arising out of Covid-19 outside India.

If you test positive for Covid when you are on holiday in UK, Please get in touch with the travel assistance company so that they can assist you as per your needs. The relevant numbers are provided along with the policy copy.

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Mr. Anshul Nijhawan, Head Travel Services at Bajaj Allianz says NRIOL and bajaj allianz have been working together for quite sometime now and NRIOL has successfully delivered seamless customer service by making available bajaj allianz travel insurance products to its customers online".