India's position in the world

Statistics of India includes the planning of data collection in terms of the design of census and experiments. Statistics also provides tools for prediction and forecasting using data and statistical models. Statistics is applicable to a wide variety of academic disciplines, including natural and social sciences, government, and business.


Social indicator ranking

Here we compare India's performance with some selected countries such as Human development index, population density, literacy rate, english speakers and unemployment rate

Social development performance

Here we compare India's performance with some selected countries for few social factors such as Life expectancy, infant mortality, maternity mortality, energy consumption and fertility rate


Per capita defence expenditure, troops, aircrafts, defence budget, Indian army and navy information with select nations.

Global ranking

Following are some of the agriculture production, tourism, Knowledge power, sports, Indian cities and urbanization


Social and development indicators for India such as Broadband usage, internet hosts, smartphone penetration, television stations and mobile phones usage

India's ranking

India's ranking globally for population, GDP (nominal and PPP), GDP per capita, currency, forest area, maximum hospitals and availability of fresh water.

India's soft power

India's restaurants, yoga centers, bollywood music and dance in different countries.

Amazing India

Amazing Facts about India and Indians!, Information about India.

Shocking facts about India

Here we compare India's performance with some selected countries for freshwater, number of police officers, number of physicians, ease of doing business, hospital beds and facts about Indian toilets.

India's sports ranking in the world

List of Asian games over the years, Indians in the Olympics.


Geography of India

Information about India

Basic Data On Population in India

Overall population, urban and rural population, area, per capita income.

India's 100 Biggest Cities

100 biggest cities with literacy ratio, sex ratio and population

Literacy Rate

Literacy rate from 1961-2011.

Religion Adherence

List of Hindu's, muslim's, jain's.....population in India.

Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha and Vidhan Sabha / Vidhan Parishad seats in India

Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha and Vidhan Sabha / Vidhan Parishad Seats for all States in India.

Indian Infrastructure

Here is the transport and communication information.

Indian States

Information about State capital, life expectancy, electricity usage, literacy...

Vital Statistics of India

We have provided provisional population totals, census of India 2011. Literacy rate of the entire population in India.

Indian Tourism Statistics

Indian tourism statistics at a glance, Foreign tourists arrival in India.

Remittances to India

Remittances to India are money transfers from Non-resident Indians (NRIs). Find out the top countries.

India States and Capitals

29 States and 7 Union Territories of India

Indian Elections

Know the different constituencies in different states of India.

Districts in India

Know the Comprehensive list of Districts in India.

State Symbols

List of symbols of Indian states and territories.
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