Popular Parsi girl Baby Names starting with 'N'

Modern Parsi Girl Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'N' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique girl baby names for alphabet 'N' that are popularly used by NRIs across the world.
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Modern Parsi Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'N'

Naghmeh Melody
Nahal A young plant
Naheed A Star
Nahid A Star
Narges A flower
Nasim Breeze
Nasreen A flower
Nasrin A flower
Naseem Breeze
Nauheed Immaculate
Nava Tune
Nayyer Radiant
Nazafarin Producing Delight
Nazakat Delicacy
Nazanin Sweet heart
Nazgol Cute flower
Nazhin Name of a tree
Nazilla Cute
Nazy Cute
Neda Voice
Negar Sweet heart
Negeen Gem
Neshat Joy
Niga sight
Niki Goodness
Nikoo Good,Beautiful
Niloufer A Celestial
Niyoosha A listener
Nousha Pleasant,sweet
Noushafarin Creator of joy
Noushin Sweet
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